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Hit Registration issues are back

Since the deployment of Patch Notes 1.02, players have noticed issues with hit registration. This happened earlier in beta, but there is concern that they're back now that the game is officially available.

Concretely, the problems with hit registrationshit-reg) result in a very clear difference between what the players see and what is really happening. Shots that seem to go in the head eventually go in the body, even in a wall or a player who seems dead is in fact alive and able to kill you.

Headshots not registering when a player crouches from r/VALUE

We also note players who are killed in impossible angles, or Jett who remains vulnerable in her initial position during a dash. So many problems that seem to be linked above all to lags, or at least to disparities in connection speeds.

I'm gonna coin the term "Jett Lag" for this phenomenon from r/VALUE

There is no doubt that these problems will be patched up very quickly. Nevertheless, it's worrying enough that such a crucial point again has issues. If that was understandable in beta, it's more problematic now that the game is officially available, especially since ranked games have just been activated.

Hopefully Riot Games will be able to identify the problem once and for all and that we won't have to get used to experiencing these problems with each new patch.