Hit Reg problems, Riot is on it

For the past few days, some players have noticed problems withHit Reg (registration of the hits) on VALORANT. Some bullets that clearly hit opponents did no damage, or not nearly as much as hoped. Riot Games is aware of the problem and is working to resolve it.

The problem raised by players goes beyond the concept of theAttacker's Advantage. In an online multiplayer game based on dedicated servers, the players who initiates an action necessarily has the advantage compared to a player who remains more passive. When the offensive player takes a peek, the information is sent to the server before being redistributed to all other players. It’s this tiny amount of time in which the information is processed that conditions the advantage to attack, since it’s theoretically possible to be killed by a player even before the server had time to inform us that we were under attack.

In practice, this advantage is minimal, in the range of milliseconds. But it only takes one player to have a very high lag or ping for theAttacker's Advantage to be exacerbated for all players in the game.

The insistent feedback from players have shown, however, that these problems are more important that those that could be seen with a simple advantage to the attacker. The changes brought by Patch 0.50 have exacerbated problems and bugs creating a gap such as we could see graphic aberrations. For example, there are times when you can clearly see sparks blowing out of a player’s head without dying.

It appears to be due to an FPS issue with some players. Fluctuations and differences in frame rate per second in some setups can currently create slight desynchronisations with the game server. What the unsynchronised player sees on the screen is not what the dedicated server recorded. In the best of the cases, it only creates a little delay or confusion in the action. In the worst, we can experience some rollbacks (characters who seem to teleport).

According to Riot Games, these issues are precisely linked to measures recently taken to reduceAttacker's Advantage. These bugs highlighted a whole succession of other issues in the way shots and movements are dealt with. Now that these concerns are identified, Riot is working on solutions that should arrive as soon as the next patch. All of this was ultimately one temporary harm for long-term good.