[Update] Haven temporarily disabled from Competitive mode

1st July Update: The issue has been fixed and the map is now available in competitive mode.

Valorant isn't without its faults and if many bugs have already been fixed, we are still discovering a few. Today, one of them pushed Riot Games to temporarily disable Haven from the maps rotation available in competitive mode.

Even if it's not explicitly formulated, the bug in question is probably the one related to Reyna. For some unknown reason, when Reyna becomes intangible, she's able to pass through one of the obstacles on Site C of the Haven map. From here, she can see and shoot all the enemies around, but her opponents can't do anything against her. Worse yet, Reyna can plant the Spike into this out-of-bounds area, making defusing impossible for opponents unless they have a Reyna themselves that exploit the bug.

This bug is special in that it's the first that pushes Riot Games to act directly on the game. This deactivation was announced on the game official Twitter account. It's rather reassuring to see the developers react immediately and to note that they have the tools to prevent such situation from getting too large. It's also interesting to note that Riot prefers to make the map unavailable, rather than to let the Agent exploits this bug.

Temporarily disabling Haven means that you're more likely to play on other maps. Haven being by far the most popular map in Valorant, this should push some players outside of their comfort zone.

It's unclear when the bug will be fixed, and when Haven will be available again. Riot Games is already working on a fix that we can legitimately expect for the next few hours.