Haven lands in Minecraft

Haven in Minecraft, this is the challenge that a Japanese guy answering to the pseudonym of kurobekuro on Reddit. Well, the challenge was successful and the result is absolutely amazing.

The map has been faithfully reproduced and no detail has been omitted, so much so that it really feels like Valorant. The player even seems to have created Jett, and he can be seen in a short video walking around the map killing monsters with one of the Duelist's abilities. Specifically, it's her ultimate Blade Storm, just like in Riot Games' FPS. One zombie, then two, then three... And soon it's Ace for this Minecraftian Jett.

We don't know how long it took him to complete the map, but we imagine it took him several months. If you want to see all the steps of the construction and admire the player's sense of detail, you can. He has posted a video on YouTube for all to see.

But it doesn't stop there. You can also download the fruit of his labour here to start playing now. In a year and a half, the map has been viewed more than 12.000 times and downloaded almost 3.400 times.

What are you waiting for? This is the perfect opportunity to have fun with your friends and discover Valorant from a different angle.