HammerTime: The live showmatch of the Mandatory team

The Split 2 of the VRL may be over, but we weren't going to leave you like that! Mandatory invites you to an exceptional meeting on HammerTime, where you can watch show matches with the Mandatory team and various personalities, presented and moderated by ZeratoR, live from Lyon and in public.

Our players, HyP, APO, AKUMAAAAA, Goaster, will form mixed teams with the coaches menegh and CREA^, but also four other Valorant players that you know well: Fatih, Jbzz, MoMaN and Kenny. The first one is a former WYLDE player, but also a Valorant caster. The next two have already been part of the Mandatory team (one more seriously than the other). The last one might be our April Fool's Day 2023.

On the programme: matches, activities around Valorant and our team, laughter, spikes defused at the last moment and not a word higher than the other. Those who come to the event will be able to meet the Mandatory team, as well as ZeratoR after the show. There will also be a shop with Mandatory merchandise and a photo booth.

The HammerTime will be held on Friday 8th July 2022 from 7pm in Lyon (doors will open at 6pm). We have 220 places available to attend the event. Tickets are €5 and must be booked in advance at the event's ticket office. If you can't make it or if there are no more seats available, don't worry, the event will of course be streamed on ZeratoR's channel.

For the occasion, the team members are giving away tickets and signed hoodies on their social networks!

APO, menegh and Goaster will be giving away a seat and a hoodie each as soon as tonight.
AKUMAAAAA, CREA^ and HyP will be giving away a seat and a hoodie each tomorrow night.

Do not hesitate to follow them so as not to miss the various competitions.

Our team's networks:

We look forward to seeing you all at this 100% Valorant party!