Guild X defeats G2 Gozen - Game Changers EMEA

During this year 2022, Guild X lost a first time to G2 in the Game Changers 1 EMEA. Despite their best efforts, the players fell again in the course of the second tournament. This weekend, the two rosters faced off in the final of the third and final EMEA competition of the season. After an intense and hard-fought battle, Guild X managed to break their curse and finally dethrone their rivals. With this victory, the team has secured its place in the the Game Changers Championship. By finishing second in the VCT points ranking, the G2s will also participate in this final competition.

For some time now, Guild X and G2 Gozen have been sworn enemies. The two teams have faced each other in the finals of three EMEA Game Changers, all of which ended with G2 winning. Unsurprisingly, both rosters managed to qualify for the final tournament of the year.

The G2 reached the final without much difficulty, after winning their matches against Case Hydra, Rix.GG Ligntning, Guild X and NaVi Celestials. They therefore sent their rivals to the lower bracket. Determined to take revenge on the G2 Gozen, the Guild X players eliminated Acend Rising, then TENSTAR Nova and finally NaVi to get their place in the final. And what a final it was!

It took 5 maps, and a total of 98 rounds to separate these two behemoths. The G2s started the match with a bang, winning 13 to 6 on Bind. Note the fine performance of juliano, who finished the map with a KDA of 25/12/6. Guild X responded strongly on the next map. Extremely strong in Attack, and carried by cinnamon, they crushed their opponents on Fracture. The team conceded only three sets, and thus took the map 13-3.

G2 Gozen then emerged victorious on its second card, namely Pearl. Thanks to a very good defence, the roster took the lead in the score. After forty-five minutes of play, Guild X lost again 13-6. A new victory for the G2s was beginning to take shape, but this was without counting on the determination of the opponents. On Ascent, Guild X took the lead, winning the map 13-9, partly due to a very strong attacking phase. During this first period, they won nine times in the twelve rounds played.

At this stage, the score was perfectly tied, 2-2, so it all came down to Icebox. Always very effective in attack, Guild X took the lead, leading 10-2 at the changeover. Despite falling behind, the G2s did not give up and won six successive rounds, sowing doubt for a while. Nevertheless, this great comeback was not enough to destabilise their opponents. The map ends with a score of 13-9.

This win is a first for Guild X, who have been in second place for three Game Changers now. Thanks to their performance in this latest EMEA tournament, they have secured their ticket to the Women's International Tournament. They might have the chance to meet their eternal rivals in this competition, as they are also among the qualified teams. To follow the matches, go to VALORANT's Twitch channel, from 15th November.