Squeezie, Brawks and Gotaga launch Gentle Mates on Valorant

Since January, there have been rumours that the SBG mix, operating in Challengers France on Valorant, was none other than the team set up by Squeezie, Brawks and Gotaga. Goodbye hypotheses, now it's time for reality. The three men have just unveiled their own esports organisation, and are officially launching on Valorant with the Supra Beaux Gosses roster, renamed Gentle Mates.

The big announcement at 7pm is going to make a lot of noise in the French esports sphere! The French Monster's return to esports is no longer just a dream, but a reality. Former professional player on Call of Duty, and co-creator of Team Vitality, the streamer returns with a brand new team on Riot Games' FPS. Don't get me wrong, Gotaga will not be one of the players, but a member of the management, and obviously did not embark on this project alone.

Gotaga is only one of three partners at the head of this new structure. Kevin Georges, alias Brawks, one of Gotaga's former teammates and co-creator of Team Vitality has answered the call. The duo is joined by Lucas Hauchard, the current biggest Youtubeur in France, better known under the pseudonym Squeezie. We still remember his 'Grand Prix Explorer', an event that broke audience records on Twitch. There is no doubt that their respective notoriety will offer increased visibility to their players, but also to the entire Valorant scene.

Eager to create a new identity for their team, Gotaga, Squeezie and Brawks take the opportunity to rename the team. Say goodbye to the Supra Beaux Gosses, Wailers, logaNN, TakaS, nataNk and beyAz will now evolve with the name Gentle Mates.

For their debut on Valorant, the three acolytes sign a very nice team. TaKas and LogaNN already have a lot of experience. They started their career under the Opportunists tag, before moving on to the DfuseTeam. Subsequently, and thanks to their excellent performance, they both were recruited by BDS. Later still, TaKas joined the Karmine Corp. nataNk, as for him, played for Team Vitality, the team with which he won the second Split of the VRL France 2021. The roster is completed by two FPS enthusiasts, beyAz and Wailers. The latter used to play Call Of Duty alongside Gotaga, when he himself was a player with the Bees.

During the previous Challengers France split, the five players demonstrated their skills. Not only did they finish top of the regular season, with fourteen wins and four losses, but they also made their mark during the Grand Final against Mandatory. Also, the team has started the Split 2 rather well, as they already have three wins in four games. They will try to get another one against Solary this Saturday 15th April, at 7pm.

Gentle Mates joins the many Valorant organisations and teams launched by influencers, such as DSG, the team of the American streamer Disguised Toast. This phenomenon is not only visible internationally, on the contrary. In the VCL France, their number is growing every month: after Mandatory, the League welcomed Joblife and most recently Solary.