Gob B retires from Valorant and returns to Counter Strike

Fatih " gob b "Dayik has just put an end to his career as a professional Valorant player to return to his original game: Counter Strike.

The player made his debut on Valorant in April 2020 and joined BIG in August of the same year, after several years on CS:GO. With the German organisation, he won many minor competitions and also participated in the qualifiers for several Challengers in 2021, but without too many results.

For this new season of VCT, BIG has managed to to secure a place in the first Challengers of the year but did not perform as expected. The roster lost all of its group matches and thus finished on a top 11-12.

As the worst team in the VCT, they were subsequently forced to participate in the VCT Promotion with SuperMassive Blaze and the top teams from each VRL. During the tournament, BIG switched to the lower bracket after being beaten 2-0 by Fokus in the final of the upper bracket. However, it bounced back to win 3-0 against Surreal Esports, securing their place in the Challengers 2 EMEA.

Nevertheless, following these setbacks, some things will change in the roster and this starts with the departure of gob g. The latter has decided to leave the competitive scene Valorant to return to CS:GO but this time as a head coach.

The new coach will therefore continue to play for BIG and it is hoped that he will be able to lead his team to victory.