Global Esports aims to build a ten-player team for the VCT 2023

Recently, Riot Games unveiled the names of different franchised teams for the VCT 2023. Since then, this revelation has led to many upheavals in rosters around the world. In order to join a selected team, some players leave their structure. Some doors are closing, and others are opening. Global Esports, which will be participating in the Pacific League, has chosen to open its own. Eager to offer a chance to various talents from the APAC region, the structure has announced that it will set up a roster of 10 players.

Global Esports is one of the top Indian organizations playing on Valorant. It joined the competitive scene very quickly, after the release of the game in 2020. Since then, the team has won several big tournaments in the region, including the Valorant Conquerors Championship in 2021, and the Skyeesports Champions Series more recently.

After a mixed result at the 2022 VCT, the team will have another chance to prove its talent at the 2023 edition. Indeed, Global Esports has secured its place for the Pacific League, alongside other teams such as Team Secret, ZETA Division, DRX and Paper Rex.

In a recent publication, Rahul Hinduja, one of the managers of the structure, spoke about the future of the team for this coming year of competition. In the video, he explains that Global Esports could have chosen to part with its roster and rebuild one from scratch. Nevertheless, he also indicates that one of the organisation's objectives remains to enable players from the Indian region to reach the highest level of competition. The idea is to give them a chance to learn from international players, in order to become more successful themselves.

As such, Global Esports will continue the Valorant adventure with the six players already in place, the minimum number required by Riot Games in the rules of the VCT 2023 (paragraph 3.4). In addition to the current team, the organisation is looking to recruit four more members from the APAC region and the rest of the world, for a total of 10 players. Knowing that the rules allow teams to have four reserve players, Global Esports' plans could see the light of day. However, approval from Riot Games is still pending.

In the communication, Rahul Hinduja also explains that all players will participate in a bootcamp in South Korea, to train, learn and develop together. Despite the desire to have all of them play at the top level, the structure will have to do a choice for the roster that will represent it at the Kickoff Tournament. In this respect, the leader indicated that the lucky ones would be selected on the basis of their performance and form at the time.

The other members will still have the opportunity to shine during the year. According to the rules, teams can exchange players from the active roster with those from the reserve, provided that "Representatives should be notified at least one day before the team's first match in a given week (paragraph 4.1.2). It is not unlikely then that Global Esports will make regular changes to allow all members to compete.

No names have been released yet, but Global Esports says fans should be getting answers about new players soon.