Gekko and his skills, the new Valorant Agent unveiled at LOCK//IN

As teased then announced, Riot Games has unveiled its 22nd Agent: Gekko. This initiator very particular order to four familiars with different abilities to deceive the opponent by number.

Who is Gekko?

Gekko is a young American born in Los Angeles of South American parents. He loves bright colours, bubble-tea, extreme sports and especially his little companions! He recently joined the Valorant protocol, obviously following an invitation from Reyna. He seems to get along well with all the other characters, with the exception of Brimstone who is a little frustrated by his lack of rigour and seriousness.

Gekko's Abilities

Gekko's four pets act as skills that go into battle with him. They are made of a kind of liquid, which makes them fragile, but which allows most of them to reform when they come into contact with Gekko.

Dizzy (E)

Dizzy is a small dragon that takes flight in the air. It can charge a beam which he fires at opponents who pass its field of vision. Enemies hit are then blinded. When Dizzy tires, it reverts to a liquid blob that Gekko can pick up to reuse the skill after a short delay. If Dizzy starts shooting, Gekko and his allies will hear it and thus know that it has seen an opponent.

Wingman (A)

Wingman is a small bipedal creature that Gekko can send to search for enemies. When it finds one, Wingman claps its hands and creates a shockwave in a cone in front of it which stuns any enemies caught in the area of effect. Wingman can also be used to go and lay or defuse the spike! Gekko and his allies can then defend it. Even if Gekko falls in battle, Wingman will continue to lay or defuse the Spike. If Wingman has completed its mission or is killed, Gekko can retrieve it and use it again after a short delay.

Mosh Pit (C)

Mosh is an explosive creature, literally. Gekko can throw it forward like a grenade. When it falls to the ground, Mosh turns into a large puddle that explodes after a short time. The damage in the centre of the puddle is 150 and can kill any opponent in one hit.

Thrash (X)

Thrash is a flying creature that can share its mind with Gekko. Using Thrash, Gekko can see through its eyes and control it to enter enemy territory. Thrash can then leap onto an opponent and explode, trapping all enemies within 6 metres. If Thrash expires without exploding, Gekko can go and retrieve it and use it again (only once per round).

Gekko should be available on Wednesday, when the patch 6.04. It will mark the beginning of Act 2 of Episode 6. We will tell you more about him then.