Game Pass Challenge 2024 - All quests on Valorant

The first segment of the Game Pass Challenge 2024 is played on Valorantthe FPS from Riot Games. Over the seven days that make up the season, participants are invited to complete a number of challenges in order to gain experience. In this article, you will find all questsand the number of XP points awarded for each.

For the record, the GPC season on Valorant takes place as follows from Saturday 16 March at 6pm to Saturday 23 March at 6pm. It's also worth noting that you can already register if you'd like to take part and be in with a chance of winning one of the many prizes up for grabs. To do so, go to

The main quest

The main quest is the most important objective that you must complete over the course of the season. This quest offers maximum experience points. This season's quest, entitled What class!is to win 5 games with an Agent from each class. This means that you need 5 victories with a Controller, 5 victories with a Duelist, 5 victories with a Sentinel and 5 victories with an Initiator, i.e. 20 wins in total.

Main quest - GPC Valorant 2024

You receive step-by-step experienceaccording to the following distribution :

  • Level 1 - 375xp
  • Level 2 - 375xp
  • Level 3 - 375xp
  • Level 4 - 375xp

Weekly quests

Weekly or secondary quests are challenges that are a little more accessible than the main questBut they still require a degree of involvement. They offer less experience - between 400 and 750 points - but you'll still get enough to up the meter! We'll be adding the objectives associated with each quest once they've been revealed.

  • God among us: Win a game without dying - 750 XP
  • Killing Spree : Make eliminations without dying - 500 XP
  • You won't get through! Win a game without the opposing team crashing their spike or deflecting yours - 500 XP
  • Domination: Win a game with more kills than the sum of all your opponents' kills - 500 XP
  • Cover him in gold: Accumulate 1 million credits - 400 XP
  • Where are my mates? Ace - 400 XP
  • Indispensable ally: Team clutch - 400 XP
  • Untouchable: Complete rounds without dying - 400 XP
  • It's clicking hard here! : Precision shooting - 400 XP
  • Gardening: Plant the Spike. Detonations progress faster - 400 XP
  • Specialist: Eliminate opponents with abilities - 400 XP
  • An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth: End a game with as many eliminations in your team as in the opposing team - 400 XP
  • Steamroller: Eliminate opponents - 400 XP
  • Minesweeper: Defuse Spikes. Clutches progress faster - 400 XP
  • Next: Complete rounds - 400 XP

Daily quests

Daily quests are challenges of a lower difficulty than the other quests. They are more accessible so that all participants can do them easily and still offer 200 XP. Targets are revealed on a daily basis. We'll be adding them as they become available.

  • 16/03 - Pew Pew Pew - Winning both pistol-rounds in the same game (rounds 1 and 13)
  • 17/03 - No hands! - Make 1 kill with Killjoy's turret
  • 18/03 - No time for nonsense - As a team, win a round of savings
  • 19/03 - Let the party begin? - Make an elimination with ******** de Raze
  • 20/03 - La loi c'est moi - Making 5 Sheriff eliminations
  • 21/03 - Run for your life! - 3 kills in a single Brimstone ultimate
  • 22/03 - In the teeth - In solo tail, finish a match by being the game's MVP