Game Changers EMEA Tour Changes Format In 2023

The women's competitive season on Valorant ended with the superb victory of the G2 Gozen, during the final the Game Changers Championship. This brand new international tournament was the first step in the evolution of the Game Changers circuit. The growing interest from female players around the world, and particularly in EMEA, has led Riot Games to change the the competition format. We explain it all in more detail.

A circuit to enhance the value of the players

In February 2021, Anna Donlon, Executive Producer of Valorant, announced a new competitive circuit called the VCT Game Changers. What was the aim of this one? Valuing diversity and highlighting women, as well as other genders marginalised by the community.

First tested in the Americas, the Game Changers ended up appearing in the EMEA region. At the time, Vera Wienken, DACH Brand Manager at Riot Games, spoke about the importance of creating a space for players who want to become professional:

If we want to inspire more women to pursue their esports dreams, we need to take direct action to make these games more accessible, and create a level playing field for them to enter in years to come.

Vera Wienken, Brand Manager Dach at Riot Games

Over time, the Game Changers EMEA tournaments have become increasingly important. They have seen the emergence of strong teams, such as G2 Gozen or Guild X, as well as leading figures such as the very young G2 Mary, real source of inspiration for some players.

The growing interest in this circuit is undeniable. Over the past year, more and more teams have tried their luck at making a living from their passion and have shared their experiences within the competition. Riot Games is particularly attentive to its community, and has therefore chosen to change the format of the Game Changers EMEA.

What are the changes in EMEA?

The objective of the changes is clear. Riot Games wants to better meet the expectations of female players, by offering them a better space to professionalise and understand the functioning of the ecosystem. This will be achieved by stratifying the EMEA circuit from next year onwards, while at the same time developing the competition.

The new format of the Game Changers EMEA circuit has different competitive levels.

The VCT Game Changers EMEA Academy and Emergents form the basis of the new format. The Academy will offer players an efficient way to learn more about careers in Valorant, notably through exchanges with personalities from the scene. Note that an Academy hub already exists since the creation of the Game Changers, and is managed by Galore.

Riot Games has also thought about the most competitive players, with the creation of the Emergents. These will take the form of a dedicated Discord, in which they can try to stand out from the others and climb the steps of a leaderboard. The best performers will be eligible for awards.

At the competitive level, there are several changes were announced. The most important thing is to create a new intermediate circuit: the Game Changers Contenders.

Players wishing to qualify for the various Contender series may participate in various regional tournaments during the year. More information will be released shortly. In addition to these events, teams will have the opportunity to enter the playoffs through to Open Qualifiers. With this new circuit, Riot Games wants to give as many players as possible a chance to show their talent and potentially get noticed.

The dominant teams in the Contenders series will have a chance to win one of the 16 slots in the top league, namely the Games Changers EMEA. This level of competition is likely to remain the same as in the 2022 season and will offer the best teams a place in the next Game Changers Championship.