Game Changers EMEA Series 1 teams

Since September 2021, the Game Changers circuit is becoming increasingly important in the EMEA region. Healthy and inclusive space, it allows teams of players from all over the world to access the esports scene in the best conditions. Riot Games wants to grow this community even further with a new formatThe first Games Changers EMEA tournament will take place in the Netherlands. The first Games Changers EMEA tournament will take place 24th April to 21st May. Let's see the participating teams!

As a reminder, through these regional tournaments, teams acquire circuit points. The team that accumulates the most points at the end of the three competitions will obtain its place for the Game Changers Championship in São Paulo. Two slots are available for the EMEA region, with the second slot going to the team that wins the third tournament of the 2023 season.

Invited teams

G2 Esports Logo

G2 Gozen
Petra - mimi - Glance - Mary - roxi

Guild Esports Logo

Guild X
klaudia - Smurfette - aNNja - Ness - speedowka

Natus Vincere logo

NaVi Celestials
Ritha - proxima - Gia - Sephia - miyori

Team without logo

Sliicy - Cla - Kim - Xaline - Rryka

Game Changers EMEA Series 1 - Valorant Team NIP Logo -

OYKU - Padge - Raina - rezq - TBD

In the EMEA region, one name stands out when it comes to Game Changers: G2 Gozen. The European behemoth team joined the competition shortly after its launch in the region. While it only came third in its first attempt, the team has continued to dominate the following tournaments. In 2022, the G2 Gozen won two of the three Game Changers, finishing second in the last one. The players even finished the season on a high note by becoming the very first World Champions of Valorant at the end of the Game Changers Championship. With the departure of Juliano, the structure has been oriented to roxi, former Guild X, to complete the team.

G2 Gozen is undoubtedly the most talked about team in EMEA, but it is not the only very good team in the region. They didn't go looking for Guild X for nothing. Three-time finalists for the Game Changers in 2022, this team has managed to defeat the unstoppable, in the third and final tournament of the season. Guild X was very successful and had qualified for the world championship. They finished 5th/6th in this tournament after losing to Cloud 9 White.

The Ninjas in Pyjamas structure has been involved in Valorant since June 2021, but has only joined the Game Changers circuit, with NaVi Celestials, at the end of 2022. This 100% Turkish team first made its mark by winning the REBELS Final tournament, before making a great entrance into the Game Changers. During the Game Changers EMEA 3, the players defeated N1MP, Acend Rising and even TENSTAR Nova to take third place.

Twice first, TENSTAR Nova, twice fourth and once third in Game Changers tournaments, was one of the best teams on the circuit until recently. The team was disbanded in February this year and the players joined new teams, such as Karmine Corp or CBA. Sliicy, Cla and Kim are in the new mix. The team is completed by Xaline, a promising former Alliance Rising player, and Rryka.

The last guest team of this Series 1 is none other than Ninjas in Pyjamas GC. The team is taking its first steps at this level of the competition, as it was only recently created at the beginning of January. However, the players who make up the team are not beginners. Three of them, OYKU, Padge and Raina have already participated in various Game Changers for Rix.GG Lightning.

Qualified teams

The Open Qualifier takes place 5th to 9th April and allows for the selection of 11 additional teams. Three teams have secured their place via the Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ).

Acend Rising logo

Acend Rising (OQ)
amy - h6tedthemost - Jade - Lateu - schnellAE

Falcons Vega logo

Falcons Vega (OQ)
Danah - Jem - Luj - madv - Ruzica

Case Hydra logo

Case Hydra (OQ)
Annie - fReeze - mimi - Poetite - TookiiTookii

UNtapped logo

UNtapped (OQ)
kv7m - LilBob - mediKa - Nariel - Sylva

Velvet Rebels team logo

Rebels Velvet (OQ)
Cille - devilasxa - didii - Scarlett - sia

Team Geekay Esports Cherry logo

Geekay Esports Cherry (OQ)
Sandra - Pinkalie - nugget - Jduh - Natakodo

Team KPI logo

KPI Shine (OQ)
alexandra - Jiex - Julie - Liza - Stacey

Team BBL Queens logo

BBL Queens (OQ)
Alkyia - eva - Felipa - rayka - Vania

Team Alliance Covens logo

Alliance.Coven (LCQ)
6sonya - B3AUTIFUL - fluxxy - Joliinaa - Melzz

Team Karmine Corp logo

Karmine Corp GC (LCQ)
matriix - LiriLia - Mel - Nelo - Ninou

Team FOKUS Sakura logo

FOKUS Sakura (LCQ)
Desii - lara4twenty - rainssa - Serena - SUPERPHROG123456

If you want to follow the matches and find out the names of the new competitors live, go to the Twitch channel of the French Valorant League.