Gambit Esports out of VCT 2022

The Russian organisation is no longer part of the VCT 2022, but has allowed its players to participate as an independent roster. The team will now be represented under the name M3C, for M3 Champions.

The team changes its name

The current situation in Ukraine has led to the postponement of several matches, a few weeks ago. Now it is affecting the Valorant scene again, and more specifically the Gambit Esports organisation.

The latter has stated that it has released its roster to participate in the VCT as an independent team in these difficult times. The decision comes days after theorganisation was banned from participating in the Season 15 of the ESL Pro League CSGO.

No announcements have been made regarding the termination of contracts. It appears that this situation is temporary and has been put in place in the interests of the players and staff, who have earned their place in the tournament.

Resumption of the competition

At present, the roster has only played 2 matches in the competition: the first against Team Liquid and the second against FunPlus Phoenix. With one win and one loss, the M3 Champions are second to last in their group. This ranking is not set in stone, however, as they are a few games behind the other teams.

After several weeks without a match, Russian players are expected to make their first appearance under the M3C banner later this week. The schedule was published on the VCT EMEA Twitter account.

They will face Natus Vincere on 16th March, then BIG and LDN UTD on 17th and 18th. We hope that the players will be able to play in the best conditions and we can't wait to see what the finalists of the Valorant Champions 2021 have to offer!

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