G2 Gozen zAAz retires

The Legend Zainab Turkie aka zAAz has announced her retirement from the competitive scene to start a new career, still in esports. The G2 Gozen player will be replaced by Maryam Mary Maher.

The story of Zainab Turkie

Zainab Turkie, better known under the pseudonym zAAz is without a doubt one of the best FPS players the esport world has ever seen. In 17 years of professional career, she has conquered the Counter Strike 1.5, 1.6, GO scene as well as the Valorant scene lately. Today, as she says in a TwitLonger, she deserves to be considered as a Legend. And with this reward she ended her professional playing career.

In this press release, the player talks about her exceptional career and all the good things that esports has brought her since she started playing at the age of 11:

I was 11 years old when I started playing. I knew already at that age what I wanted and that was to become the best out there. And it has not been an easy road but that doesn't matter. What matters is what I made it to and that I've reached my goal and it was worth everything I sacrificed, every tear and sweat.

I've achieved so much in my career and learned so much from Esport. Met so many new friends from all over the world, seen so many countries, gained so much experience thanks to Esport. And I'm so happy to be an inspiration for other young people. It truly warms my heart.

zAAz - via TwitLonger

An impressive track record on Valorant

Initially, Zainab Turkie joined the Valorant scene as part of the XSET women's team, namely XSET Female. In the first VCT2021 Game Changers EMEA tournament, she plays for The Originals. In this first major competition, the roster lost in the semi-finals.

Their good performance did not go unnoticed, so much so that G2 Esports decided to sign the roster and launch its women's team: G2 Gozen. In the second tournament of the year 2021, the team finished in 3rd place, losing to Tenstar. This new defeat did not get the better of the players, who came back even more efficient in the next tournament. The victory at Game Changers EMEA 3 of the VCT2021, facing Guild Esport, this was just the beginning of an intense story!

With the new edition of the VCT, the team had the opportunity to participate in other Game Changers competitions. The players achieve a superb back-to-back in the first tournament of 2022, beating Guild Esports once again. As if 2 trophies weren't enough, G2 Gozen took first place in the second Game Changers EMEA of the year. Their eternal rival could do nothing, once again, and lost 3-0. It is thus on a very beautiful last victory that zAAz leaves the Valorant competition for good.

A future in esports

Despite her departure, zAAz is not leaving the world of esports, which has given her so much, for all that. The player also spoke about her future in the industry. She will therefore start a new educational job, this is the case for young people who play Valorant, Counter:Strike and the sports world in general:

But hey, I won't leave Esport. I will start working in Sweden/Malmo with educating young people/gamers about esport/CS/Valo and about my experience. Finding new talents will also be my mission. This has always been my dream to do after retiring. I can't see myself working with anything else than esport. Esport is my passion and will always be.

zAAz - via TwitLonger

A new star at G2 Gozen

In parallel to the announcement of zAAz, G2 Esports has revealed the rising star who will replace the former player in the G2 Goshen roster. It is the young player, Maryam Maher aka Mary, who will have the difficult task of pick up the torch.

On their official website, the structure already affirms that this new recruit has everything it takes to conquer the international scene with the roster. In addition, zAAz has also given its full support to this new face:

My new replacement Mary, a little me. I love her and I can't wait to see her grow as a player. Definitely a young talent to watch out for. Right mindset, right attitude, being mentally strong and patience is all u need to achieve your goal. I believe in you, I believe in Gozen.

zAAz - via TwiLonger

This new team will hopefully have the opportunity to shine again at the next Game Changers EMEA. And we can't wait to see it!