G2 Gozen welcomes Roxi

Last week was a time of change at G2 Esports. The G2 Gozen team in particular was in the spotlight, as juliano ended her career on Valorant. Shortly afterwards, the organisation revealed the identity of her replacement, namely roxi, a former player of Guild X.

For almost three years, the G2 Gozen have been the best players in the EMEA region. They have dominated the European circuit, before winning the first ever Women's World Championship entitled Game Changers Championship.

Very recently, one of the star players, juliano, chose to return to Counter Strike with the brand new G2 Oya team. Her departure left a vacant slot, which the structure had to fill in order to resume the competition. The first Game Changers EMEA tournament will take place in April.

During their reign, the G2 Gozen created a rivalry with the other excellent team in the region, Guild X. The latter even managed to dethrone the undefeated team during the last World Cup. The latter even managed to dethrone the undisputed leaders of the third Game Changers of 2022. In an effort to stay on top, it's no surprise to learn that G2 Esports has, once again, turned to it to find the missing nugget. Before representing G2, Glance originally played at Guild X.

The one who will finally have the heavy task of replacing Juliano is called Vivian Schilling, alias roxi. A former professional CS:GO player, she started playing Valorant shortly after the release of the FPS. She started by proving herself with Project X, alongside Smurfette and Glance, among others. Together they have won various tournaments, such as the Women in Games - Community Cup. Signed by Guild X, this roster then made a name for itself by finishing second in numerous Game Changers tournaments and 5th/6th in the championship.

G2 Gozen thus benefits from a player experienced and used to high-level competitions. Moreover, the team is acquiring a member of the very versatile, roxi can play Killjoy, Chamber, Sage, Cypher and Astra.

Currently, the roster is composed of Mimi, Roxi, Petra, Glance and Mary. Will this new composition be able to repeat last year's feat? Only time will tell!