G2 Gozen dominates the first day of the Game Changers Championship

The kick-off of the first ever Game Changers Championship was given yesterday late afternoon. This new competition brings together the best women's teams in the world. If they all have an excellent level, they are indeed the players of G2 Gozen who ruled the opening day. After their quick win over X10 Sapphire, they inflicted a heavy defeat on Cloud9White to advance to the final of the top bracket.

Among the 8 teams in the running for the 2023 World Championship title are two teams from the EMEA region: Guild X and G2 Gozen. During the third and final Game Changers EMEA tournament, the former won the latter. Nevertheless, G2 Gozen remain one of the most successful women's teams in the region, having won more than one competition in recent years.

It didn't take long for them to show their talent in this top tournament. The G2 Gozen started the Championship by playing X10 Sapphire, a team from the APAC region. They won two victories without much difficulty to win this first match, with the scores of 13 to 4 on Icebox and 13-7 on Breeze. mimi is not outside this superb performance, quite the contrary. In the hands of Sage and KAYO, she was extremely solid, finishing with a KDA of 43/21/22 and no less than six 3Ks on the clock.

With this victory, G2 Gozen has been placed in the upper bracket to face the winners of the first match of the day, Cloud9 White.

G2 Gozen meets Cloud9White - Game Changers Championship

G2 Gozen reigns supreme on the EMEA circuit, but on the other side of the Pacific, it is the players at Cloud9 White who rule the roost. If the match between them was not the Grand Final of this tournament, it had the air of one, as the tension was palpable and the atmosphere electric!

Cloud9 White first chose to take on their EMEA counterparts on Ascent. This was a wise choice, as they won the 13 to 7. Despite the defeat, the G2 Gozen showed good things in Defence, and even managed to take six of the twelve rounds played.

The rest of this historic match was not so rosy for the Americans, who had to deal with a juliano imperial at the hands of her Reyna. With 17 matches played on Breeze, G2 Gozen used their experience to gain the upper hand in the first four rounds. However, statistics are not always the only thing that counts and talent is the key: their opponents ended up taking the lead, 5-4. If there was any doubt in the minds of the G2s for a moment, it was quickly dispelled in the second half. The EMEA champions finally won 13-6.

The age-old question of NA or EMEA supremacy has been answered on Pearl. This third and final map was not in favour of Cloud9 White, who had never played it as an official before, unlike G2 Gozen. The defence was therefore particularly complex, and the executions difficult. They were only successful on three occasions in the first half. After the side change, G2 Gozen ended the game by winning four more rounds. Final score: 13 to 3.

With the outcome of this match, the EMEA region has taken the lead over the NA region and the G2 Gozen are slowly making their way to the title of World's Best Team 2022.

Further meetings are planned today. Guild X will meet the players of Shopify Rebelllion GC, while FENNEL GC will face Team Liquid Brazil. The two winning teams will close this second day of competition at the end of the evening. To follow the matches, go to VALORANT's Twitch channel.