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G2 Esports would reportedly recruit Zeek to replace Davidp

According to the website 1PV, it looks like G2 Esports has found its new 5th player. Zeek, a former nolpenki player, would take the place left vacant after the departure of Davidp.

The end of 2020 was marked by many changes in the European teams of Valorant. As G2 parted ways with Davidp, Team Nolpenki split up so that their players could explore options for professionalisation. Since then, Zeek has reportedly been among the players to compete in the trials of European former kings.

If this recruitment is confirmer, Zeek would be the first player on the team not to come from the Counter-Strike scene. Indeed, he's a former professional players of Fortnite and this profile could bring new perspectives to G2 Esports.

Zeek will have to adapt to his new teammates, however. Still according to 1PV, he will not be reprising the role he had in Nolpenki. Zeek was primarily playing Sova, but will have to leave the Agent to Ardiis, G2 Esports' house Sova.

It would not be the only change made by G2 Esports. The team should change coaches soon. Neilzinho, former professional player and Counter-Strike coach, would become the coach of the Valorant team at G2 Esports. He once coached Ardiis when he was a Counter-Strike player.

If these changes are confirmed, they show that G2 Esports really wants to renew their style of play, following their defeat in semi-finals of the Valorant First Strike.. We just have to wait for official confirmation from G2 Esports or Zeek.