G2 Esports signs ShahZaM and dapr for 2023

Last September, G2 Esports players were allowed to search for new opportunities for the coming year. This decision came shortly after the revelations concerning the structures selected for VCT 2023. While the European giant is not part of the lucky ones from the EMEA region, it is not disappearing from the Valorant competitive scene. Next year G2 Esports will play in the new VRL NA. In order to put all the chances on its side, it will be able to count on its brand new roster, made up notably of the two star players ShahZaM and dapr, ex-Sentinels. The team is completed by wippie and penny, two former Version 1 andOXY, another regular player in the competition.

After a mixed year in terms of results and not being selected for the VCT 2023, G2 Esports has chosen to freeing up its old roster. If there were any doubts about the future of the structure in the Valorant competition, they have now been dispelled.

Recently, the organisation unveiled its brand new team in an unique trailer. Next year, it will be able to count on the talent of well-known players from the American circuit, namely ShahZaM, dapr, wippie, penny and OXY. Together they will compete in the Challengers NA, the new American VRL.

They are all excellent players who are used to top-level competition. ShahZaM and dapr have been the heart of Sentinels for several years. During the first edition of the VCT, they dominated the North American circuit, as well as some of the international LANs. wippie and penny also had moments of success in the 2021 VCT, but performed more poorly in 2022. OXY, as for him, played for a variety of smaller organisations, gradually showing his potential.

On paper, this roster makes sense, as each member brings their own expertise. ShahZaM is rather specialised on an Initiator role, notably with Sova and Breach, while dapr focuses more on Fade and KAYO. penny is a particularly versatile player. He can play a Sentinel or a Duelist when needed. His pool of mastered agents makes him a real asset. For his part, wippie is a main-Chamber. With the redesign of this one since patch 5.10, it is nevertheless possible that it will change Agent in the future. OXY adds the necessary aggressiveness to the team. This player is a true Duelist at heart, who can play on Jett or Raze depending on the strategies of his new team.