G2 Esports signs leaf for 2024

The organisation G2 Esports has unveiled the final player in its Valorant roster for the VCT 2024, none other than Nathan 'leaf' Orfa former member of Cloud9. The latter will evolve alongside ex-players from The Guard in the Americas League next season.

After a lacklustre 2023 season - for the record, G2 Esports finished second in the first NA Challengers Split and then second-to-last in the following segment - the Spanish giant has found a good way to get back on track in 2024. The group simply acquired the former roster of The Guardwho won a slot in the Americas VCT during the regional Ascension Day.

With the departure of tex A few weeks ago, G2 Esports still had to find one last player to start the Valorant Champions Tour. The team is now complete, with he will be replaced by leaf, the ex-Duellist star of Cloud9.

Nathan Orf is a former professional CS:GO player. Before becoming a Duelist of genius on Valorant, he was known for his time at Choas Esports Clubwith whom he won the DreamHack Masters Winter 2020 NA. During his transition to the Riot Games FPS in 2021, he joins Cloud9 and hasn't left it since, despite the various changes and roster rebuilds.

The new recruit quickly made a name for himself on the American scene, proving match after match that he was a real force to be reckoned with. his potential as a Duelistas well as on Raze than Reyna. One example is his superb clutch against NRG during the semi-final of the Stage 2: Challengers Finals NA.

More recently, he has shone in the Ligue Amériques, notably during the regular season. At the end of the eight-week competition, leaf finished with the second best rating in the Leagueat 1.22, just behind aspas, and even held the best ACS of the tournamentwith 255.9. So it's hardly surprising that in nine games played, he was named the game's MVP seven times.

Knowing that JonahP and trent mainly play Initiators, that neT is a Sentinel hand and that Valyn mainly plays Controllers, leaf is the perfect addition to the roster.

The team is more than determined to come out on top, and as trent in the official statement of G2 Esports, "We've shown everyone what we can do in the Challengers, now it's time to show you what we can do in the VCT Américas".

They will quickly be able to demonstrate their talent at of the showmatch scheduled against Sentinelstonight at 10pm. The stakes are high, as the winner of the second map will be able to change the loser's Twitter/X bio, and the winner of the third map will be able to choose the loser's banner. The changes will be effective until the beginning of November.

In fact, G2 Esports seems particularly confident, having already chosen the potential modifications... And the opposing team is also made up of excellent players. Under the command of johnqtSentinels, the new in-game leader, could well cause a stir.

To follow the match live, go to Tarik's Twitch channel or ShahZaM's Twitch channel.