G2 Esports encouraged to find another team

Yesterday afternoon, Riot Games revealed the teams qualified for the VCT 2023. Thirty organisations, divided into three major leagues, were invited for next year. However, many of the expected teams have not been franchised, such as FunPlus Phoenix, OpTic Gaming and G2 Esports. Following this announcement, several players have already indicated that they are looking for new opportunities for the coming year.

G2 Esports on the Valorant stage

G2 Esports quickly returned to Valorant during 2020, and immediately became involved in the competitive scene, creating the G2 Esports Invitational in particular. At the time, the structure signed a former CS:GO player, namely m1xwell. The team formed at that time quickly made its mark, and for a time completely dominated the European scene, winning the Cup.

This roster then had its chance during the debut of the VCT 2021, but without any real success. With the insufficient results, G2 made several changes, replacing three of their players ; changes that have been more than beneficial. With the arrival of nukkye, AvovA and koldamenta, the team gained firepower and even reached the playoffs of the Berlin Masters. Despite good performances, G2 did not manage to qualify for the Valorant Champions.

In 2022, the organisation went through a turbulent period, with some changes in the Valorant roster . On the other hand, the team, which was not on the guest list for Challengers 1 EMEA, hardly won its slot via the Qualifiers. In the end, they finished second in this first Challengers, and qualified for the Reykjavik Masters. The results of the year allowed him to reach the Last Chance Qualifier, but again the Valorant Champions passed him by. The season ended with a third place for the European giant.

A new chapter for G2 players

Some time ago, Riot Games announced changes for VCT 2023. In particular, the studio presented a brand new franchised team system, as it was already the case for League Of Legends. This revelation prompted the majority of organisations to try their luck, but of course slots were limited. Given its history on Valorant, it's not surprising that G2 Esports is looking to get a slot in the EMEA League or the Americas League. Despite its absence from the Champions, it was ready for what was to come, ready for the 2023 VCT.

However, as we saw yesterday when the qualified teams were revealed, G2 was not on the guest list for 2023 as well as other structures potentially expected, in EMEA and around the globe. This announcement was followed by tweets from the various G2 players, m1xwell, who has been present since the beginning, but also AvovA, hoody, Meddo and nukkye.

All explained that they were now allowed to look at other options for the next season. Some have even indicated that they are willing to move to the Americas League if necessary. With their experience on the FPS, it is likely that the majority of these players will attract interest and find a new team.

A blurred future for some players

The situation at G2 Esports is not an isolated case. With slots already secured in VRL, and the absence of an intermediate league, many other structures find themselves in a delicate situation. Some are surprised by Riot's choices, as it is the case of FunPlus Phoenix, but they will do everything they can to help their players. TSM, will remain on Valorant despite it all. However, it is also possible that smaller structures will be forced to abandon the FPS, and that some players will find themselves without a new home for the coming season. The coming weeks and months will undoubtedly be marked by important Mercato phases.

As a result, many of the 2023 qualifying teams will feature new faces, new recruits and new strategies. We look forward to seeing all these changes in action, and why not, the clashes between old comrades in the Kickoff Tournament.