Future changes to Chamber in patch 5.12

Recently, we were telling you about topics that would be covered in patch 5.12, the next update of Valorant. As we mentioned, it appeared that Chamber would be rebalanced. If we didn't have any information yet about the real changes, it's now done. All his abilities have been reviewed, so that his influence in the game is drastically reduced.

In a recent article, Kévin Meier, Agent Designer and Jay Watford, Lead Agent Designer, have unveiled all the changes planned for Chamber in patch 5.12. The least we can say is that they are very big changes!

  • Concerning Headhunter

Until then, Chamber's revolver was a particularly effective weapon for firing barrages, chaining bullets together. To overcome this problem, the developers chose increase the dispersion of shots after the second bullet.

  • Concerning Rendezvous

In our previous article, we mentioned the many negative criticisms of teleporters of the Sentinel. It is therefore not surprising to see that this ability has been revised. The changes made should greatly reduce the space taken up by Chamber and allow the return of other Agents such as Cypher.

From now on, Chamber only places one beacon, instead of two. It is therefore to this single teleporter that you can return. To keep this skill viable, the radius of the beacon has been increased from from 15m to 26m.

The other important change concerns the minimum height to activate teleportation. Until now, it was necessary to be at the same level as the anchor. With the removal of this limit, you will now be able to switch on teleportation from another level, if you are in the activation zone.

In order to force the main-Chamber to position the teleporters in protected areas, destroying the tag permanently deactivates itfor the rest of the round. However, Chamber no longer triggers an additional recovery time when he calls back the beacon after teleporting.

A final change will be introduced with the next update. It concerns the duration of the equipment after teleportation. It increases from 0.4s to 0.7s. Nevertheless, Headhunter is not affected.

  • Concerning Trademark

The Trademark ability is one of the abilities that make Chamber an effective Agent in both Attack and Defence. In the past, it has been subject to a major nerf when the number of traps was reduced to one. Again, this capacity has been significantly revised.

In the manner of Killjoy's gadgets, the trap now has a limited scope. In other words, when Chamber gets too far away, it deactivates. Of course, the trap will reactivate if he comes back into range. A visual cue has been added to the mini-map. With such a change, it will become more complex to leave the trap as a backup, to check if a flanker is trying to surprise the team.

Another new feature is that the Trademark can now be recalled during the round. This does not require any line of sight. After a recall, you will have to wait 30s before using it again. The destruction remains final, but it will be more difficult to destroy: its HP has been increased from 1 to 20.

Be careful when setting the trap in the future, it will need more time to arm itself: 4s instead of 2s. In addition, enemies slowed down by the trap will be disabled for a shorter period of time Only 4s, compared to 6s before.

  • Concerning Tour de force

The effectiveness of Tour de Force was the other element that was pointed out by the players. The criticism was mainly about the fire rate, which was considered to be far too high for the firepower the sniper provides. Once again, the developers listened to the feedback from players, as the firing frequency was reduced from 57.5%. As with Trademark, the slowdown inflicted is reduced to 4s.

We do not know the release date of patch 5.12 at the moment. We imagine it will take at least another week for the changes to be tested on the test server.