FUT Esports wins over Vitality in week 2 of VCT EMEA 2023

To begin this second week of the VCT EMEA 2023FUT Esports and Vitality got the ball rolling. The Turkish team defeated the French team for the first time since the beginning of the circuit.

FUT Esports dominates Vitality

MAP 1 - Lotus
FUT Esports 13 - 4 Vitality

MAP 2 - Haven
FUT Esports 13 - 10 Vitality

Still undefeated, Vitality had started the season very well. However, the Turks showed the extent of their capabilities against the French structure. This shows that, despite the victories, teams are not immune to a shocking encounter during the VCT EMEA.

FUT Esports wins against Vitality - Map 1
Image from VRL.GG

In the first rounds on Lotus, FUT Esports won against Vitality. And it was after losing the bonus round that the Turks didn't stop impressing by making several 4K in the game. In turn, the captain MrFaliN, ATAKAPTAN or even qw1They were brilliant in their own way. The French defence was challenged by the individuality and teamwork of FUT Esports. They lacked success in their duels and only scored two extra rounds. The Turks won this first side with a score of 9 - 3.

Once in defence, FUT Esports were still as present as ever. Once again, their opponents favoured the sheriff to tackle the second round. A strategy that could have paid off, only the Turks managed to counter the traps of Vitality. Once at 11 - 3, the Turkish team were only two points away from victory. The Neon of qw1 thwarted the French team's plans and achieved another decisive 4K. Despite their efforts, they could not stop FUT Esports, perfectly at ease on Lotus. Thus, the first map ended on a 13 - 4 for the Turkish team.

FUT Esports wins against Vitality - Map 2
Image from VRL.GG

On Haven, the two teams had more or less the same composition, except for one detail: the pick of Gekko from FUT Esports. A strategic choice that could have made the difference at the beginning of the game, only the French had not said their last word. Their offensives were such that FUT Esports had a hard time winning some rounds at the beginning of the game. Nevertheless, at the end of the eighth round, the situation was reversed. The strong defence of mojj as well as the taking of space from qw1 allowed FUT Esports to get their head above water. Since then, the Turks have been winning 2v4 situations and have won this first side in 7 - 5.

Despite this slight lead in the score, the game was not won. Once FUT Esports had won the first two rounds, Vitality came back strongly during their defensive phase. MOLSI and ceNder allowed the Bees to regain the lead. Since then, the Turks have changed their strategy. They played around Gekko's spells, whether it was the double use of his ulti, the flash or the pogo, the Vitality players were destabilized and forced to make mistakes. FUT Esports turned the match to their advantage and ended up winning in 13 - 10.

Vitality did not disappoint in this match, only FUT Esports dominated the first map and took advantage of Gekko's lack of knowledge. Despite their awakening on Haven, the Turks responded by playing around their strengths to come out on top. Thus, they won in 2 - 0.

Highlights of the meeting

Captain MrFaliN shut down his opponents one by one and performed an impressive 4kills early in the game.

In the post-plant situation, AtaKaptan achieved an impressive 4kills with a transfer perfectly controlled when he was not in an advantageous position.

A two-on-four situation successfully handled by qRaxs and ATAKAPTAN.

To find out what happens next, FUT Esports will take on KOI on 13 April at 6pm, while Vitality will meet its French rival Karmine Corp on 14 April at 9pm. See you on the Twitch channel of the French League to follow these upcoming meetings.