FUT Esports introduces new roster for VCT 2023 in music

The organisation FUT Esports recently made official the renewal of its former players for the VCT 2023. It will therefore be able to count on the five artists who are MrFaliN, Muj, qRaxs, qw1, mojj and ATA KAPTAN. Next year, they will have to face other big teams in the the EMEA League, such as Fnatic or Karmine Corp.

FUT Esports, a regular in the competition

FUT Esports launched on Valorant in October 2020. A few weeks later, it was awarded the second place of the Valorant First Strike from Turkey. This was the beginning of a competitive and successful adventure. In the first year of the VCT, 2021, the structure shone on many occasions, winning two Challengers from Turkey during phase 1, but also and especially the Turkish Masters of this same phase.

Although the adventure started well, the organisation did not manage to qualify for this year's VCT circuit. The players still joined the lower level circuit, namely VRL Turkey: Birlik. In Split 1, they had rather mixed results (5th/6th place), but excelled in Split 2 and even ended up with to take first place.

With their victory, the FUT Esports have reached the VRL Finals, the tournament that brought together the best teams from the different VRLs. After easy victories in the group phase, the team was almost eliminated early in the playoffs. However, their unwavering determination enabled them to climb back up the lower bracket, until they took their revenge on Vitality to win the competition.

The adventure continues for the VRL roster

Like nine other organisations, FUT Esports has been selected to join the new EMEA League of the next edition of the Valorant Champions Tour. The return to the top level of the competition means facing other very good teams such as Team Liquid or Natus Vincere.

While the latter have chosen to revise some, if not all, of their roster, the FUT Esports management has decided to continue the story with its existing players. MrFaliN, Muj, qRaxs, qw1, mojj and ATA KAPTAN will still be defending the colours of FUT Esports and will no doubt be looking to dominate the EMEA region, and why not the international circuit. The renewal of the five players was done with music! Under the command of GAIS, the team's coach, they delivered a great concert.

As good artists with instruments in hand as with a mouse and keyboard, the players proved themselves once again by winning the Turkey Qualifier for the next Redbull Home Ground. They will then have the opportunity to face some future rival teams, for example Vitality or 100 Thieves.

If you wish to follow this competition, you should know that the matches will be broadcast on Red Bull's Twitch channel. The first matches will take place on 9th December.