FUT Esports and 100 Thieves qualified for next round of LOCK//IN

The Omega Group is now well underway and in just two nights, six teams have qualified for the rest of the LOCK//IN Sao Paulo. FUT Esports and 100 Thieves defeated their opponents in the Pacific League, Rex Regum Qeon and Edward Gaming respectively.

FUT wins against Rex Regum Qeon

To start the match, the Asian team decided to play the Europeans on Lotus. A map often favoured by teams with aggressive compositions, and yet. With two duelists, Rex Regum Qeon did not manage to put the Turkish team in trouble, quite the contrary. Indeed, FUT Esports opted for a composition much more focused on Defence. A strategy that was highly effective, as the team won ten rounds during the first period. Perfectly in its element, FUT Esports largely won this first round, to the surprise of its opponents. A victory, overwhelming in 13-3 for Europeans.

This time on Pearl, the two teams took turns winning the rounds until Rex Regum Qeon managed to pull away by a small point: 7-5 at side change. From that point on, the Asian team continued to gain an advantage over their opponents. Once in 11-7 for Rex Regum Qeon, FUT Esports reversed the trend and ended up winning this second match by winning six consecutive rounds. The Turkish team joins Team Vitality and NaVi' as the third European team to qualify for the rest of LOCK//IN Sao Paulo.

100 Thieves eliminates EDward Gaming

Starting as favourites for the match, 100 Thieves dominated the early part of the game on Icebox thanks to its defensive composition. While they were given the win at the change of sides, they struggled to close out the game against a spirited EDG. The Americans finally won by a score of 13-10.

Particularly popular at the moment, Lotus was chosen to host their second confrontation. Having opted for aggressive formations, both teams will be more prominent on the Attack. Nevertheless, EDward Gaming was more efficient than their opponents on Defence. A difference that allowed them to win the second match in 13-9.

To conclude this meeting, the two teams faced each other on Pearl. Once again, EDward Gaming took the lead thanks to a well worked defence. However, 100 Thieves came back with an equalizer in the second half. At that point, it was impossible to predict who would win this final match. In the end, 100 Thieves won in overtime on a nerve-wracking 14-12 for both teams.

As a rare Chinese team, EDward Gaming has very little international experience. After such a difficult match for 100 Thieves, the team will have to outdo itself if it hopes to defeat its next opponent: FUT Esports. See you on Sunday 26th February, at 6pm.