FunPlus Phoenix to play group stage without Suygetsu

The group stage of the Copenhagen Masters started last weekend. Among the teams that qualified is FunPlus Phoenix. The structure recently indicated that one of its key players, Suygetsu, could not participate in this stage of the tournament. In order to replace him, FPX turned to an Alliance player, who was not able to participate in this stage of the tournament. As a replacement, FPX turned to an Alliance player, namely seider.

For the second time this year, FunPlus Phoenix managed to qualify for the Masters. And, unfortunately, for the second time this year, the team is struggling to get its team to come. At the Reykjavik Masters 1, FPX was unable to participate in the competition, as the players' travel was complicated by the health situation and the conflict in Ukraine and Russia.

If the structure is again experiencing difficulties, it is different this time, as only one player is concerned. Indeed, FPX recently spoke out to confirm that Suygetsu could not participate in the group stage. This absence is linked to the uncertainties surrounding the acceptance of his visa. It is specified that he will not participate in the group stage, therefore it is not impossible that he could still join the playoffs, if his team qualifies for the next stage.

Since the rest of the team was able to travel for the tournament, the organisation had to find a replacement to play its matches. FunPlus Phoenix explains that they looked for a player with a similar talent to Suygetsu. It is in the person of seider, Alliance player, that the team found happiness with the Alliance player. He is a regular in competitions and recently played in the VRL Northern Europe: Polaris, but had also reached the Grand Final of the French Open Tour 2021 in the past. However, this Masters will be the first top-level challenge for this player.

On Twitter, in a statement, Seider said that it is not easy to take the place of such a talented player. As he says, " He's a real demon" . Nevertheless, the player remains confident for the first match with this team.

The roster will face Xerxia Esports at the end of the day, 5pm CEST, in the group stage of the Copenhagen Masters. To follow the match, go to official Twitch channel of Valorant.