A free Stonks spray for Prime Gaming subscribers

Since September 2020, Prime Gaming offers players the possibility to claim items dedicated to Valorant: gunbuddies, cards or sprays.

This month, subscribers can get the Just Business Spray which features Cypher . We also appreciate the Agent's outfit, who swaps his long white cardigan for a stylish suit!

This spray reminds us of the inevitable Stonks meme. The term 'stonks' is a deliberate distortion of 'stocks', which means "shares" in the financial sense. In its early days, the meme was used as a sarcastic reaction to bad financial decisions. Since then, its use has been hijacked and it's widely known on the web for validating stocks of all kinds or mocking those that have failed in an absurd way.

same stonks

Players will be able to use this new element to congratulate their teammates or to joke gently about the actions of the opposing team, especially when they seem to be in trouble.

As all Prime items, this item is only available for a limited time , so be sure to pick it up as soon as possible if you want to show off this masterpiece in your games.

If you want to know how to claim Prime items, please read our guide.