#FRAMESWINGAMES: More FPS for more performance!

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As part of our partnership on the IGNITION SERIES x MANDATORY.GG CUP, we are offering you, in collaboration with AORUS & NVIDIAIn this article, we discuss the importance of playing with a high frame rate and high IPS, especially in Battle Royale games and First Person Shooters such as VALORANT.

Discover the benefits of suitable and necessary PC hardware equipment to boost your performance and increase your in-game FPS in order to allow you to play with incomparable image fluidity that gives you a clear advantage over other players. an incomparable image fluidity that gives you a clear advantage over other players. #FRAMESWINGAMES

Valorant pushes players to compete in a highly competitive environment. The best players are free to express all their skills and talent to climb the ranks of the Competitive Mode, or shine during various competitions. It's no mystery; to put the odds in your favour and deliver the best performances, you have to play under the best conditions. This requires in particular powerful and optimised equipment.

Indeed, the image fluidity is essential. Thanks to a high number of frames per second, you can more easily follow the movements of your opponents. It also decreases your reaction time in the event of a surprise attack. You will then be able to target and kill your enemies. Last but not least, a high frame rate offers much better comfort for your eyes. Less tired, your eyes stay fit and alert in battle for longer.

In an internal study conducted by NVIDIA with several gamers/testers via in-game performance tests on machines capable of playing Overwatch, Apex Legends, Fortnite, CoD:Warzone, and PUBG titles at 60 to 240 IPS with GeForce GTX / RTX graphics cards from each product series, NVIDIA found that the performance of these titles was not as good as the performance of other products, theKill/Death ratio is much higher when FPS are also high. The observation is therefore clear, a computer with a powerful graphics card coupled with a monitor at more than 144Hz offers better image fluidity, allowing you to be more responsive and therefore kill y our opponents more easily. Your KDA therefore logically increases.

Frames Win Games
KDA optimisation according to FPS

In order to ensure you a maximum refresh rate and number of FPS, NVIDIA offers a series of equipment to suit your needs as well as all budgets. 

GeForce® RTX graphics card, based on the Turing™ architecture, the world's most advanced GPU architecture for gamers and creators, deliver next-generation performance and features to live an ultimate experience thanks to the combined power of dedicated ray tracing cores and artificial intelligence. GeForce RTX cards, and in particular RTX SUPER models, are the most powerful graphic cards on the market and allow you to play with incomparable image fluidity and performance, with an ultra-competitive price-performance ratio.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX SUPER™ series graphics cards also deliver the breakthrough graphics performance of the NVIDIA Turing™ architecture. Blazing-fast GDDR6 memory delivers up to 50% faster performance than series 16 GTX cards, and up to 2x faster than previous generation series 10 GPU.

On the monitors section, screens featuring NVIDIA G-Sync technology, including some AORUS brand models that are compatible (such as the CV27F, CV27Q, KD25F, FI27Q et FI27Q-P), have been designed to offer you maximum graphics performances with a high frame rate up to 240Hz, without stuttering or tearing the image. Thanks to their exceptional responsiveness and image quality, they will drastically change the way you play and face your opponents.

#FRAMESWINGAMES : More IPS for more performance! - mandatory aorus nvidia frameswingames ips -
Average FPS at 1080p. High settings with i9-9900K CPU.
A frame rate of 120 FPS, 144 FPS and 240 FPS is the recommended performance level for playing on 120Hz, 144Hz and 240Hz monitors.

You will understand, good hardware rhymes with more performance. If you would like to learn more about the NVIDIA and AORUS products range, please visit: