Fracture's Lore

In one of our last articles, we told you that Fracture, the new map of Valorant, is a key point to understand the lore of the game. But what information concerning the lore can we get from this map and its mysterious laboratory?

A laboratory full of mysteries

First of all, let's look at the Fracture laboratory. According to the coordinates on the Loading Screen, the structure is located in the United States, more precisely in New Mexico.

The laboratory is called the Linde-Everett Research Laboratory, probably after Hugh Everett and Andrei Linde, two scientists who studied the theories of the multiverse and the expansion of the universe. It was born out of a partnership between Kingdom Corporation and Kingdom Industries, the respective organisations of each world of Valorant.

This laboratory is extremely confidential, so much so that even some of Kingdom's high-ranking members are unaware of its existence, as explained by Riot KingKut on Reddit. He also said that none of the Agents already in Valorant knew about the lab before the incident of the map

As you may have noticed, the map is divided into two sectors: Omega and Alpha. The Omega sector seeks to keep a low profile and preserve the balance, as can be seen from the posters on the walls of the desert side of the map with the words "Keep it secret. Keep it safe". Even if both sectors cooperate, one can also guess that the Omega sector is willing to take big risks for big rewards: "Stakes are high. Less talking. More doing." . The Alpha sector, on the other hand, shows a more optimistic view of the world with its posters saying "Dare to dream" and "Preserve our future". Each side has a distinct idea of the world around them and their future.

Sector Omega posters
Sector Omega posters
Sector Alpha posters
Sector Alpha posters

Deadeye, the author of the Radion Collider explosion?

While it's known that the current Valorant Agents have never been to this laboratory before, the same cannot be said for Deadeye, who will be one of, if not the next Agent of Valorant. Indeed, some elements of the map suggest that he has already been there and not just for a walk.

In the mountains on both sides of the map there are briefcases full of sniper equipment, cameras and old mobile phones. Deadeye was teased with a long-range rifle, so it's likely that he is the man behind the incident mentioned above.

The Omega side sniper weaponry
The sniper weaponry on the Omega side
Alpha side sniper weaponry
The sniper weaponry on the Alpha side

The teaser of Fracture shows two sniper bullets colliding right in the middle of the radion collider. It's thus logical to think that these two bullets come from the two alters of Deadeye, the one from Earth-1 and the Mirror World. The two men certainly collaborated to create this explosion, as the two mobile phones next to their respective equipment show.

Also in the trailer of the map, Deadeye implies that the lab was going to work for good but had to sacrificed. However, we don't know (yet) for what cause it had to be destroyed.

New lore elements coming soon

All of the above is from the map as it is today. However, David Nottingham, Creative Director of Valorant, has announced on Twitter that the lore of Fracture will be developed regularly as updates are made. So we'll certainly know more in a few weeks!