Spike Nations tournament format #4 of Valorant

Over the years, the Spike Nations has become a not-to-be-missed event in the off-season. As usual, this fourth edition brings together different nations. Nevertheless, there are some changes to the format. We explain everything in detail in this article.

The fourth Spike Nations, six nations battle for glory. Each nation is represented by an ambassador and a team made up of the country's best male and female players. JL Tomy represents France, m1xwell Spain, POW3R Italy, cigdemT Turkey and KubaFPS Germany. The identity of the British ambassador has not yet been revealed.

All Spike Nations ambassadors #4

The final composition of each roster will be determined during the first stage of the competition, as follows the National Phase. During this period, the ambassadors and coaches will unveil a total of 12 players - 8 from the VCT and Challengers and 4 from the Game Changers - selected for possible inclusion in the team. If they want to represent their nation, they will have to prove themselves in showmatches. These will be broadcast on the ambassadors' channel between 26 and 31 October. In the end, only the top six will advance to the next stage of the tournament.

Note: The French players selected for this phase are were unveiled on X.

Spike Nations 4 comprises three distinct phases

After the National Phase, the Spike Nations will continue with the International PhaseThe competition comprises five days of matches between 7 and 16 November. The six teams will compete to to determine the four finalistswho will be taking part in the final stage. You can find the schedule and scores in our follow-up article to Spike Nations 4.

The Spike Nations 4 final will be held at the Gamergy in Madrid

The Spike Nations will end with Phase en Liveon 16 and 17 December. This is one of the major innovations of this edition. Unlike in previous years, the final phase of the competition will take place on in public, in Madrid, at the Gamergy. During this stage, the four best nations will face each other in BO3 matches.

To follow the French team's showmatches, go to JL Tomy's Twitch channel.