Fnatic wins against BBL Esports on day five of the VCT EMEA 2023

The first week of the VCT EMEA 2023 is coming to an end and Fnatic wins another victory against BBL Esports. The European favourites did not overwhelm the competition, however. Here is a recap of the match and the fifth day of the tournament.

Fnatic wins with difficulty over BBL Esports

MAP 1 - Ascent
Fnatic 6 - 13 BBL Esports

MAP 2 - Haven
Fnatic 13 - 9 BBL Esports

MAP 3 - Split
Fnatic 13 - 11 BBL Esports

Fnatic was known to be in very good shape, as shown by their victory at the LOCK//IN and their opening match against Giants Gaming. The European favourites, however, have been met with fierce opposition from BBL Esports.

Fnatic defeats BBL Esports - Map 1
Image from VRL.GG

After the first two rounds, the Turkish team imposed its rhythm of play on Ascend. To counter the success of BBL Esports, Fnatic then tries to change their strategy. Alternating between regrouping on a point, aggression and site recovery, nothing seems to work for them. On their side, BBL Esports enters easily on the sites thanks to the remarkable work of QutionerX on his Jett. Coupled with the spike defence of Brave and AsLanMshadW, the Turks don't let anything get past them. Fnatic is destabilized and forced to leave several rounds in a row. Despite a last round win, Fnatic is largely behind in 3 - 9 when changing sides.

By winning the pistol-round, BBL Esports is getting closer and closer to victory. Nevertheless, Fnatic did not give up. With their backs against the wall and very little equipment, they still managed to score two rounds before the end of the game. But the Turkish team totally dominates this first map and despite the excellent work of Derke, the team loses 6 to 13.

Fnatic defeats BBL Esports - Map 2
Image from VRL.GG

The second game takes place on Haven, the playground chosen by Fnatic. The team is more at ease and plays mainly site retakes. Coordinated, efficient and aggressive, the players link kills and rounds. Their opponents try as best they can to stay in the race. Derke and kamyk made life particularly difficult for them in this first phase. At half-time, Fnatic is ahead with eight rounds won against four for BBL Esports.

Well on the way to winning this second map, Fnatic must remain vigilant. Previously, AsLanMshadW showed what he was capable of in defence. Once in 11-8, the Turks gradually came back into the game. The rounds followed each other and the situations became more and more tense for both teams. One by one, Fnatic won the last rounds and ended up scoring 13 rounds to 9 to some extent.

Fnatic defeats BBL Esports - Map 3
Image from VRL.GG

The two teams decided to play each other on Split, the final map of this game. From the start, Fnatic was unable to impose its rhythm in attack. Their economy was put to the test in the fifth round, a round that Fnatic should not have lost to enemies less well armed than them. Since then, it has been impossible to get back to the sites and their opponents force the team to time out. After some complicated rounds, Fnatic won a few rounds which allowed them to come back to the score. The first phase ended in a tie, 6-6.

In Defence, Fnatic managed to get ahead thanks to the force-buy of the team. Leo and Chronicles also allow them to take a crucial round and secure as many as possible. Afterwards, their opponents let them get ahead and try to take over the game once their economy is restored. BBL Esport came back to the score, at 11-11 the tension was at its peak.

Through the scanning of LeoAfter the first round, his teammates quickly arrived to defend the site and prevent the opposing team from baiting him. Once this round was won, Fnatic opted for a daring strategy, the players invaded the middle of the map to take the information and surprise BBL Esports. This strategy paid off and Fnatic won the third map with a score of 13-11.

Team Heretics defeats Karmine Corp

MAP 1 - Icebox
Team Heretics 13 - 5 Karmine Corp

MAP 2 - Split
Team Heretics 13 - 2 Karmine Corp

The evening is not over yet and it is now the turn of Karmine Corp and Team Heretics to take the stage. Karmine Corp has already won its first match against BBL Esports on the third day of the VCT EMEA. And in contrast, Team Heretics did not emerge victorious against FUT Esports. Winning this match could allow the Spanish team to win their first VCT EMEA match.

First map, first stomp from Team Heretics. The Spaniards start the attack on Icebox. Kelogs, the only French-speaking player on the team, propels the team with a KD of 16/9 to side change. Coupled with the recon Sova's space is immediately taken up and the player's talent means that Karmine Corp is overwhelmed by events. The French team tried a different composition from what we are used to see. The picks of Gekko and KAY/O did not pay off and the French lost. Team Heretics won this first map with a solid score of 13-5.

Once again, Team Heretics imposes its game. In Defence on Split, the Spanish gave the Karmine Corp no chance. This time in 20/7 at side change, Keloqz's Jett is definitely unstoppable. Overwhelmed, the French can't get back into the game. At the side change, Team Heretics dominates the score, 10-2. It is by winning the second pistol-round that the Spanish condemn the French. Thus, Team Heretics won the second map in 13-2 and closes this meeting.

The rest of the matches are coming up very soon. The two winners of this day will meet on Thursday 6th April at 9pm. If you want to follow the matches, go to the Twitch channel of the French League.