Fnatic signs Leo for VCT 2023

Fnatic is one of the ten teams that will participate in the the EMEA League 2023. Recently, the structure has signed Leo Jannesson, aka Leo, a former Guild Esports player. Like all the selected organisations, Fnatic wants to create the best roster for the next season.

Leo Jannesson began his career as a Valorant pro with BONK, a Swedish team. At that time, he finished second in the Mandatory.GG Cup. Thanks to their good results, the players were quickly spotted. By signing the whole team, Guild Esports has launched itself on Riot's FPS.

During 2021, Guild Esports becomes one of the best European structures on Valorant, reaching the podium of several EMEA Challengers in particular. With all their results, the Guilds were able to participate in the Last Chance Qualifier. Nevertheless, Team Liquid ended their hopes of qualifying for the Champions in the final. This year, the team performed well in the second Challengers EMEA, reaching the Copenhagen Masters 2 in the same occasion, a tournament in which she finished in 7th/8th place.

Fnatic had a more successful season, as the team emerged winner of the Challengers 2 EMEA and finished fourth at the Masters 2 in Copenhagen. The team even competed in its second Valorant Champions, winning a TOP5/6. Following the announcement of its selection for the VCT2023, Fnatic has begun to make some changes to its roster. As a result Mistic and Enzo have been sidelined.

In order to complete its team for the next season, the structure has announced the signing of Leo. Over the past two months, this player has played almost exclusively on Viper. Fnatic therefore benefits from a second extremely efficient controller, in addition to Boaster, which may give him the opportunity to take over one agent rather than another. This may give him the opportunity to take over one agent rather than another. In addition to these two players, the roster is composed of Alfajer, the ultimate Raze main and Derke, which specialises in Chamber. This is a wise choice in view of the current composition.

This weekend, the team started the BME Superdome tournament. Leo has already shown his talent with Viper in the first match against NASR Esports. The new Fnatic player finished with a KDA of 14/10/7. The competition continues today. At 8pm tonight, Fnatic will face the Team Falcons. The team will then play a second match against Geekay Esports around 9pm.

As the VCT 2023 regulations require teams to have an active roster of six players, more members are expected to be announced soon. This new team will take its first steps on the Champions Tour at the Kickoff Tournament, alongside all the other teams selected for the VCT 2023.