Fnatic wins the Red Bull Home Ground 4 against Cloud9

The fourth edition of the Red Bull Home Ground ended with a match of anthology opposing Fnatic at Cloud9. The Americans gave everything to keep the title acquired by 100 Thieves Last year, unfortunately for them, the Home Ground trophy returned to Europe. Fnatic came out on top after a superb comeback. Here's a recap of the match.

Maps and scores of the match

Fnatic wins Red Bull Home Ground 4 against Cloud9 - mandatory valorant news maps red bull home ground 4 final -

Cloud9 7 - 13 FNC

Cloud9 13 - 9 FNC

Cloud9 13 - 9 FNC

Cloud9 8 - 13 FNC

Cloud9 5 - 13 FNC

An electric encounter!

For the first time in the history of the Red Bull Home Ground, Japanese teams took part in the tournament. ZETA Division, Scarz and FENNEL were undoubtedly dreaming of a home victory, but the other teams, American and European, decided otherwise. In the end, the final match of the competition pitted Europe against the United States, with on the one hand, FNATICand the other, Cloud9 players. And it was a spectacular match to say the least!

Yoru is rarely, if ever, seen in an official match, but when he does make an appearance, he generally causes havoc. Not only because it's hard to anticipate his moves, but also because the players who play him are so creative. And, it's worth pointing out, OXYCloud9 player, hit the nail on the head on Bind with this Agent. He made a major contribution to his team's good start, racking up kills with disconcerting precision. In fact, he finished the Attack phase with the best rating, 1.44, and 388 from ACS. However, it was FNATIC who came out on top. Once in Defence, the American team seemed to fade away, and only managed to pick up one more point.

On BreezeOXY once again worked miracles, but this time with Jett. While he had a little trouble making an impact on the game on Attack, he was uncompromising on Defence, racking up no fewer than 19 eliminations. At the end of the side, he had a rating of over 2 and an ACS of over 460. There's no denying it, the young recruit from G2 Esports was one of the stars of the match. Cloud9 won this card, thanks in part to him. At this stage, the two teams were evenly matched and anything was still possible.

Galvanised by their victory, the North Americans went in search of a second point on the night. AscentAnd not without difficulty. They dominated the early part of the game, before collapsing in the second half of the Attaque side. It has to be said that Leo and Chronicle were there to put them under pressure. Despite this moment of doubt, Cloud9 were able to keep their composure and regain the lead in Defence, until they won this third card. If they managed to beat Lotus, the match would be over and the Red Bull Home Ground trophy would return to the United States.

But that was without counting on the effectiveness of Chronicle and Leo over the next two cards. While the first to completely set the pace on LotusThe other showed once again that he was the winner of this match against Haven. Thanks to their fine individual performances, FNATIC came from behind to win the match.

Fnatic reclaims the Red Bull Home Ground 4 trophy