FNATIC qualifies for LOCK//IN quarter-finals

After two weeks of competition, we finally know the qualified in quarter-final of the LOCK//IN São Paulo. Among them are the European favourites, Fnatic. It was not a foregone conclusion, however, as they encountered Sentinels and FURIA Esports. Two hard-fought matches, from which they nevertheless emerged victorious.

FNATIC eliminates Sentinels from the tournament

On Haven, FNATIC excelled in Defence, allowing only three rounds to his opponents. The teamwork and defence ofAlfajer prevented the Sentinels' comeback. Once on the attack and armed, the Europeans won thanks to the initiators and the precision of Derke. Despite the acquisition of very good players for Sentinels the team was outmatched and FNATIC ended the match with a severe 13-6.

Again in Defence, this time on Split, FNATIC had more difficulties. After force-buying in the third round, the team saw its economy collapse. Somehow, the team managed to come back to the score before the second part of the game. Thereafter, FNATIC was imperial, allowing only one round to their opponent. It was on a score of 13-7 that the meeting between FNATIC and Sentinels ended.

Now eliminated, Sentinels must get ready for the start of the VCT 2023 regional leagues. FNATIC continued their rise in the tournament and faced their new opponent, FURIA Esports.

FURIA Esports eliminated by FNATIC

Despite losing a pistol round on Attack, FNATIC went on to win several rounds, bringing the score to 8-4. Once on Defense, the team had a much harder time countering the Brazilian offense. The efforts of FURIA Esports finally made the difference and the game went into overtime. The two teams kept on winning, one after the other. Finally, FNATIC managed to make the difference in the end of the 34th round. They then won the first point on a unprecedented score of 18 at 16.

After this fierce battle, both teams met again on Ascent. Once again, FNATIC was down at the beginning of the game but eventually adapted to their opponents' game plan. Their defence allowed them to take the lead over FURIA Esports in the score. At the change of sides, the pattern was repeated and the adaptability of the Europeans got the better of the Brazilian team. On an honourable 13-9, FNATIC won their second LOCK//IN São Paulo event.

As a result of these victories, FNATIC has qualified for the quarter finals of the tournament. This Monday 27th February at 9pm, don't miss the team's next match against 100 Thieves live from the Twitch channel of VALORANT.