Shoot Relaxed With Kohaku And Matsuba Skins

Just as the Valorant Champions collection is still on sale for a few hours, the official Valorant accounts have already revealed the next bundle of skins. With the pack Kohaku and Matsuba, enjoy delicate cosmetics filled with zenitude. Practical for concentration and better aim.

A collection of skins based on real fish.

For this new collection, the studio has opted for a design centred on koi carp, and in particular the two varieties Kohaku and Matsuba. The first one is probably the one that comes to mind when you think of the fish you see in Japanese ponds. White and red-orange, it is a real icon in the land of the rising sun! The second one takes its name from its appearance. Indeed, Matsuba means "pine cone". in Japanese. But if you look at the previous picture, it is true that the back of the animal reminds us of the pine fruit.

As usual, you will be able to decorate different weapons with these new cosmetics. In this case, the weapons concerned are the following:

  • The Operator
  • The Classic
  • The Phantom
  • The Judge
  • The melee weapon

You will have understood, this collection is available in two colours : one is rather light and bluish, while the other is very dark, characterised by a mixture of black and red. It is nevertheless very soft to the eye, thanks to the elegance of the Matsuba that decorate it.

People working on the design of skins are always looking for a way to innovate when it comes to dressing and/or modifying the melee weapon. To stay in the Japanese culture, they decided to create beautiful fans. While they may seem harmless at first glance, they will bring your opponents to their knees when necessary! Incidentally, if it's too hot on Breeze, you'll havea good way to refresh yourself before your next shot...

The bundle is not yet available in the shop, but should be available soon. If you are convinced by this design, stay tuned! And don't get too excited. Stay zennnnn.