Fire Again, the anthem of the Valorant Champions 2022

While the Valorant Champions is getting closer and closer, Riot Games has unveiled the anthem for the final competition of the year. Entitled Fire Again, it was made with the American singer Ashton Nicole Casey, more commonly known as Ashnikko.

This new music made for Valorant Champions 2022 features some of the Agents of the game, such as Jett, Chamber or Astra. They are the first ones to be seen in the video clip, before they are replaced by several professional players or casters of Valorant. In total, 42 of them appear in the clip, such as TenZ, MeL, mimi, Vantard, Benkai, starxo, Sacy, Laz or NagZ.

Like most of the music created by Riot Games for the League of Legends World Championships, Fire Again shows us individuals trying to reach the top. They fight with all their might, even if their path is sometimes rocky and they sometimes fall. Nevertheless, they get up again, stronger and stronger and determined to be the best. This is perfectly illustrated in the Fire Again video through these heroes seeking glory and perfectly symbolise the will of each team to win the Valorant Champions.

In contrast to Die For You, the anthem of the 2021 Champions, Fire Again does not tell us more about the lore of the game. However, the animation is still as good and impressive as ever. If you haven't had the opportunity to listen to this new music yet, don't wait any longer, you won't be disappointed.

The Valorant Champions will begin on 31st August and we will have the opportunity to hear Fire Again during the event, as it will be the main musical theme. In addition, it will be featured with the Champions weapon skins, which have a finisher that triggers the music on the last kill of the round.