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A few changes in the Ranked Games of Valorant

We expected it, but Competitive Matchmaking will be back with patch 1.02! On this occasion, there will be some changes in the Valorant ranked games.

Friends in placement matches

How Placement Matches work didn't really changed, but it's more lax concerning the composition of the groups. It'll be possible for a ranked player to group with an unranked player on their friend list to play a ranked game. Of course, there's a limit to avoid boosting.

The performances of the two players must not be too different for the duo to be authorised to play together in ranked games. We imagine that the system will rely on performance in Unrated mode, during the 20 games mandatory to launch a ranked.

Remember that if you have already made 20 unrated games in Classic mode before the launch of the ranked games, you can of course play in ranked games right away.

Ranks and icons changes

As announced at the end of the beta, the Valorant rank gets a new name. The highest rank of the ranked games will now be Radiant. Moreover, since nobody was really satisfied with the different icons symbolising the different ranks, they were recoloured, even redrawn for some.

Valorant: Changes in Classified Parts
The new ranks of Valorant

A better perspective on progression

As of the opening of the ranked games, Valorant will take into account many statistics of your games. They will be used to calculate your progress in the global ranking as well as to refine the matchmaking. In addition, it will be possible in the future to consult a report on your progress in ranks and your performance during a ranked season. This report should also show your best performances.

It will likely be a complete history, Act by Act. As a reminded, the seasons of Valorant are divided into 3 Acts.

And after?

The priority of Riot Games is first of all to provide a satisfactory competitive mode. Once basics are working, they can then start adjusting other features. A tournament mode integrated into Valorant is also mentioned.