FEAR/NONE - The Valorant Champions 2022 kinematics

While Valorant players from around the world were able to discover Fire Again only a few days ago, Riot Games has already delighted us with a new cinematic. Entitled FEAR/NONE, it echoes the clothing collection which bears the same name, both intended to highlight the final competition of the year: the Valorant Champions.

For several years now, Riot Games has accustomed us to its cinematics, each one more qualitative than the other. First with League of Legends, and now with Valorant. Whether it's the arrival of a new champion or the holding of an event, you can be sure that the publisher is on hand.

To commemorate the biggest event of the year, Riot Games unveiled Fire Again, the music for Champions, earlier this week. With only a few days left until the competition begins, the FPS publisher was keen to raise the hype of the community with a brand new cinematic: FEAR/NONE.

The video makes us travel, between urban landscapes and the wilder spaces of Istanbul. Throughout the cinematic, we can see familiar faces from the esports scene as well as some well-known names of professional players: Stax, Laz, Boaster, Nagz, Sscary or even BCJ. We are also presented with the logos of the sixteen qualified teams, before unveiling the trophy, which is no different from last year's.

The message that is conveyed is the following: Prove that you fear no one and ascend to the throne. Once again, players will have to show their courage to overcome all obstacles and defeat all opposing teams in order to reach the top and win the ultimate title.

Who will succeed Acend in this second edition of the Valorant Champions? To find out, let's meet on 31st August on Twitch channels (EN) and (FR) of Valorant.