Faze Clan announces its new Valorant roster

Faze Clan has finalised its new Valorant team for the rest of the Valorant Champions Tour 2022. In addition to babybay and DiceyThe structure can now count on POACH, poised and Supamen.

Last year, the North American league structure failed to stand out and make it among the top teams. By not making it past the quarter-finals of the LCQ NAAs a result, the team's hopes of participating in the Champions were dashed.

So it was with a brand new roster that Faze Clan started the year 2022, and the new edition of the VCT. Unfortunately, the results did not live up to expectations. The players tried to qualify for the first NA Challengers by participating in the two Open Qualifiers, but without success.

With these insufficient results, the structure has finally decided to revise its team, again. By recruiting POACH, poised and Supamen alongside Dicey and babybay, Faze Clan wants to put all the chances on its side for the rest of 2022.

The current heart of the team is none other than babybay, main Jett, who joined Faze when his first Valorant roster was created. He has been working with Dicey for several months now. Initially specialised on Jett, he passed through Skye, and is now evolving on Chamber.

These two players are now joined by Supamen and poisedboth from Rise. This choice of players is logical, as they bring their expertise as Controllers. Supamen is an Omen main, able to play Astra. Poised is also specialised on Omen, but he is a very versatile player, able to take Sage, Cypher or Killjoy in hand when needed.

This composition lacks an individual capable of collecting information on the opponents. This is where POACHformer player of Built By Gamers who passed by ANDBOX. This Sova hand, also talented on Viper, brings the missing touch to this team. With the arrival of FadeCould he take the opportunity to switch to a new agent? Suspense...

On paper, this roster looks coherent. The players have already started playing together. They participated in the Knights Circuit Monthly: April, but lost in the semi-finals to TSM. This loss came shortly after the roster was completed. The players probably need more time to build up their team play and get a better feel for each other's game.

This new team will have another chance to prove itself very soon. They will take their first steps in the VCT, participating in the NA Open Qualifier of phase 2 on Friday 29 April. Will they manage to qualify?