Faze Clan has unveiled its team for the Valorant Game Changers 2023

Recently, the American behemoth Faze Clan has revealed its brand new all-female roster to enter the Valorant Game Changers circuit. With this first all-female team, entitled Faze Clan CG, the structure intends to compete with other teams such as G2 Gozen, the current World Champion. For this, it can count on the talent of refinnej, panini, Maddie, Emy and di^.

Introduced in February 2021, the Games Changers circuit has continued to grow, so much so that the very first Game Changers Championship was launched last year. There was a real buzz about the tournament, with a peak attendance of around 239,300 at the Grand Final, according to Esports Charts. It is therefore not surprising that very large organisations, notably Karmine Corp or Global Esports, have decided to take the plunge in 2023, by signing their own women's team Valorant.

At the beginning of the week, it was the Faze Clan structure, which embarked on the Game Changers adventure by acquiring the roster of hamboigas. It consists of five players who are used to the esports scene, having all played Valorant, CounterStrike or Fortnite during their career. refinnej joins the team as a Sentinel, panini as a Smoker, Emy provides her know-how as an Initiator, while di^ is more versatile and can play both Controller and Initiator. The team is completed by Maddie, who, as Raze and Jett main, will take on the role of Duelist.

In the official statement, Erik Anderson, Head of Esports at Faze Clan, expressed his excitment regarding the acquisition of the team after a long wait:

Signing this group of talented women is just the beginning of bringing female gamers to the forefront at FaZe and I can’t wait to watch them play as a team. Check them out during the 2023 VCT Game Changers Series - they’re ready to bring the heat to the competition.

Erik Anderson - Head of Esports

The team will try to secure its place in the first Game Changers NA of 2023 soon. The eight available slots will be distributed via an Open Qualifier, scheduled for the beginning of April.