Exclusive content for the Valorant Champions 2022

While there is already a lot of information about the Valorant Champions 2022, such as the format or even the teams, Riot Games continues to reveal more and more every day. On Friday 19th August, the FPS publisher announced the release of a collection of skins and exclusive content in honour of the ultimate event of the year.

Bundle of skins

Just like last year, you will be able to dress your weapons in the colours of the Valorant Champions. For this 2022 edition, the Phantom and the knife will both get a new skin and they look pretty good to say the least. The perfect opportunity to show off to your mates.

With these skins, the weapons will take on gold and ruby red colours of elegance. Like the 2021 collection, they feature animations that kick in when players make the last kill of the round.

These skins are available from 23rd August to 21st September in a bundle that also offers a player card, a gun buddy as well as a spray. All this at the cost of 6,167 Valorant Points. Being a limited edition, you have to hurry to get it because it will never appear again, either in the shop or during the Night Market.

Please note that 50% of the profits made from the sale of the bundle will be donated to the teams participating in the Champions.

Exclusive content for the Valorant Champions 2022 - valorant champions 2022 skins -
Exclusive content for the Valorant Champions 2022 - valorant Champions 2022 player card -

Viewing rewards

But that's not all! You can also earn awards by following the competition on YouTube and Twitch via the official broadcast channels. Here's what you can get:

  • 31st August to 13th September: Title 'Fire'
  • 16th September to 17th September: VCT Champions Spray
  • 18th September: VCT Champions Player Card
Exclusive content for the Valorant Champions 2022 - valorant Champions 2022 viewing rewards -

A free event pass

Finally, there will be rewards to be won through a free event pass which will simply require you to play the game to unlock its contents. From the 23rd August and until 21st September, progress through 7 different levels to win the following cosmetics:

  • Level 1: 'Jett Diff' spray
  • Level 2: Gamer title
  • Level 3: 10 radianite points
  • Level 4: 'Nice' player card
  • Level 5: Potato title
  • Level 6: 10 radianite points
  • Level 7: Gun buddy 'Champions 2022 Dad hat'
Contents of the Champions 2022 free pass

The festivities will begin on 23rd August and for this occasion, some of the cards in the game will be dressed in the Champions style. We're already looking forward to it, aren't you?