Evil Geniuses signs ScrewFace for VCT 2023

Recently, the organisation Evil Geniuses recruited Kyle Jensen aka ScrewFace. The rules of the Valorant Champions Tour 2023 require a minimum of five players and one substitute per team. With this new addition, the American organisation goes even further and now counts nine members in its active roster.

After a few appearances in the North American Challengers in 2022, Evil Geniuses is back in the spotlight this year. The structure is one of the ten selected for the League of the Americas of the VCT 2023. In the near future, the team will participate in the LOCK//IN Brazil joining the Alpha group, along with Karmine Corp, LOUD, Paper Rex and FunPlus Phoenix among others.

This week, the organisation unveiled the addition of a new player to its roster, namely ScrewFace. He started his career with Prism Esports and then Mamba Mode Gaming. More recently, he played for DarkZero Esports. With the latter, he won the Knights Gauntlet 2022: Championship. He will bring his expertise as a Duelist.

The LOCK//IN Brazil is an important milestone, as it is the first major competition of 2023. No doubt the thirty teams that will compete will be looking to establish their dominance over the others. In order to put all the chances on its side, Evil Geniuses has chosen to review and expand its roster, as allowed by the regulations.

The organisation even has build the only team with ten players in the Americas. As a result, it recruited Demon1 last week. With Screwface, the goal has almost been achieved. The missing piece of "this masterpiece" is expected to be unveiled soon.

Evil Geniuses has a lot of talent to make it to the top of the Lock In Brazil. Nevertheless, the structure will have to choose those who will represent it in the competition. Elected representatives will face the Europeans of Team Heretics during their opening match.