All about Episode 6 of Valorant

The year 2023 is off to a great start for Riot Games' FPS. The studio presents Episode 6 of Valorant, entitled Revelation. With a name like that, you should know more about the game's lore in the coming months. As before, this Episode will be split into three separate Acts. Each one will bring new content, which we'll look at on this follow-up page.

This is currently under construction and will be updated as future Acts are revealed by Riot Games.

Episode 6 - Act 1

Start: 10 January - End: 6 March

The first Act of Episode 6 marks the great return of Split, in a reviewed and improved version. This old map has been reinstated in the map pool alongside the brand new and improved ninth map of Valorant: Lotus. The story of Valorant continues in a beautiful city with giant lotus flowers.

Launch Cinematic

New Map: Lotus

Discover Lotus, the ninth card of Valorant.

Riot Games is using this new Act to add a ninth map to its FPS, entitled Lotus.

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Return of Split

Changes have been made to the Split card

After several months of absence, Split returns to the map-pool with patch 6.00.

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Combat Pass Valorant - Episode 6 - Act 1

All free and premium Battle Pass rewards from Episode 6, Act 1.

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The Lotus Lore

Riot Games explains the creation and lore of Lotus.

Riot Games reveals important information about the creation of Lotus.

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Fnatic wins the Lock In

Fnatic wins the LOCK//IN against LOUD.

The first international LAN of the VCT2023 ended with the victory of Fnatic in LOUD.

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The patches for Episode 6, Act 1:

Patch 6.00 (Addition of Lotus, Return of Split, Corrections in the attribution of points in competitive games)
Patch 6.01 (Bug fixes on Lotus, General fixes)
Patch 6.02 (Stinger's Nerve, Changes on Lotus)
Patch 6.03 (Killjoy's Nerve and Raze, Velocity mode maintenance)

Episode 6 - Act 2

Start: 7 March - End: ?

Agent 22 makes his appearance in Valorant with the second Act of Episode 6. Gekko and his little friends are invited to the battlefields with music!

Launch Cinematic

The new Agent Gekko

Gekko, the new Agent of Valorant.

The latter agent uses creatures to fight, plant and disarm the Spike.

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All the rewards of the Episode 6 Act 2 Battle Pass.

All free and premium Battle Pass rewards from Episode 6, Act 2.

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The patches for Episode 6, Act 2:

Patch 6.04 (Addition of Agent Gekko)
Patch 6.05 (Corrections made to Gekko)

Episode 6 - Act 3

To come