Everything you need to know about Valorant Episode 4

Episode 4 of Valorant kicks off in style with 2022. This new episode is called Disruption. Like every episode, it is divided into three distinct Acts, each one marking the arrival of an Agent or a map.

We take stock of all that Episode 4 and its Acts bring to Valorant.

Episode 4 – Act 1

Starts: 12 January - Ends: 28 February

The first Act of Episode 4 brings with it Neon, an Agent capable of sprinting and throwing electric shocks. Act 1 also changes many elements of Breeze and Bind.

Launch Cinematic

New Agent: Neon

Neon, Agent 19 of Valorant

Act 1 marks the arrival of Neon, an ultra-fast duelist who manipulates electricity.

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All about Episode 4 of Valorant - valorant database battle pass episode4 act1 1 -

All free and premium Battlepass rewards of Episode 4, Act 1.

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Changes to Breeze and Bind

Breeze and Bind change

Breeze and Bind undergo changes to their obstacles, offering more strategic options.

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2022 VCT

The VCT 2022 programme

The VCT returns in 2022 in a new formula. Shorter, and more experimental.

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HHT France: Revolution

Announcement VRL France

The Valorant competitive scene is expanding thanks to the regional leagues deployed in Europe. In France, several teams in the VRL Revolution.

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Episode 4 - Act 1 patches:

  • Patch 4.00 (Neon, Breeze and Bind changes)
  • Patch 4.01 (Nerves of the Ares, Buffs of the knife)
  • Patch 4.02 (Better detection of absent persons)
  • Patch 4.03 (Changes to Brimstome's ultimate, Quickly equip the strongest weapon)

Episode 4 - Act 2

Start: 1 March - End: 26 April

The second act of Episode 4 brings the long awaited redesign of Yoru. This Act 2 is also an opportunity to rediscover Iceboxwhich has undergone several changes. In addition, the best French team was crowned during the first split of the VRL France: Revolution. Also, the world's teams will compete in the Reykjavik Masters.

Launch kinematics

Yoru's rework

New Yoru skills

Highly anticipated by the community since its announcement at the end of 2021, the new Yoru has made its appearance. Goodbye to the footsteps, make way for the real clone!

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Our players' opinion on patch 4.04

The Mandatory team's opinion on the 4.04 patch

Patch 4.04 was heavy on changes. In addition to a rebalancing of the Controllers and changes to Icebox, it brought the redesign of Yoru. Our players have their say on these new features.

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FunPlus Phoenix wins the EMEA Challengers

FunPlus Phoenix and G2 Esports, finalists of the Challengers, qualify for the Masters.

The first EMEA Challengers are now over. After an intense final, FunPlus Phoenix won the title of best EMEA team against G2 Esports.

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Sector One, the best French team

Sector One wins the VRL France

After several weeks of competition in this first split, Sector One and Team BDS competed for the title. In the end, it was the Belgian team that won.

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The Reykjavik Masters

Find out which teams have qualified for the Reykjavik 2022 Masters.

The first international LAN of the year will take place in Reykjavik. The 12 best teams in the world will compete for the crown.

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Follow-up to the Reykjavik Masters

Masters 1 - Qualified playoff teams

Find all the information about the matches and results of this first LAN 2022.

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The Fighting Pass of Episode 4 Act 2

All free and premium Battle Pass rewards from Episode 4, Act 2.

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OpTic Gaming wins the Masters

OpTic Gaming wins the Reykjavik 2022 Masters final.

The North American team took revenge on the Brazilian LOUD during the Grand Final.

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The patches for Episode 4, Act 2:

  • Patch 4.04 (Yoru redesign, Controller balancing, Icebox changes)
  • Patch 4.05 (Adjustments to Brimstone)
  • Patch 4.07 (Modifications to the Stinger and Bulldog)

Episode 4 - Act 3

Starts: 27 April - Ends: 21 June

The final Act of Episode 4 is full of surprises. It brings with it an alternative to Sovanamely FadeThe new Initiator dedicated to information gathering. The Agent with the arrows is also undergoing some major nerfs. He is not the only one to have his abilities reworked, as Jett also has an important nerve.

Launch Cinematic

New Agent: Fade

Riot Games unveils a first visual of its new Agent Fade.

This new Act marks the arrival of Fade, the nightmarish new Initiator of Valorant.

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Jett suffers a new nerve

Jett's Nerve on Patch 4.08

In anticipation of patch 4.08, Riot Games has announced, in advance, a big change to Jett.

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Combat Pass 4.3

All free and premium Battle Pass rewards from Episode 4, Act 3.

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Valorant esport

Valorant Esports to be inspired by League of Legends in 2023

Riot games announces a change in the format of the Valorant esports scene in 2023.

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The Game Changers Championship

VCT Game Changers Championship: Berlin

The first international women's LAN will take place in Berlin in November.

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The patches for Episode 4, Act 3: