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Everything you need to know about Valorant Episode 2

Valorant Episode 2 has arrived. After Episode 1, Ignition, this new episode is called Training. Like each episode, it will be divided into three separate Acts, each bringing its share of new features.

We take stock of all that Episode 2 and its Acts bring to Valorant.

Episode 2 – Act 1

Start: 13 January 2021 - End: 2 March 2021

The first Act of Episode 2 brings a lot of things, starting with Yoru and a review of ranked games. Remember that contrary to what was initially announced, this new episode is not accompanied by a new map. Icebox was supposed to be the map linked to this episode, but its release has been advanced, at the request of players and for the needs of the First Strike.

Launch Cinematic

New Agent: Yoru

Video Presentation of Yoru

Act 1 marks the arrival of a brand new Agent, Yoru. This duelist uses his abilities to cheat his opponents and their senses.

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Ranked Games Review

Leaderboards and Ranking Points

Ranked games are getting a facelift, with the arrival of a points and leaderboards system. The system becomes less opaque and the progression more interesting.

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Combat Pass Episode 2 Act 1

All free and premium Battlepass rewards from Episode 2, Act 1.

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Champions Tour

All about Episode 2 of Valorant - valorant esports champions tour dates thumb -

The official competitive circuit of Valorant starts on 11th February 2021 in Europe.

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Intensification mode

Climbing mode for Valorant

A fun new game mode in a fierce arms race!

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New Sanctions

Penalties for AFK players

The penalty system is adjusted to be more effective against AFK players.

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Review of the EU Challengers

Valorant Challengers EU - Recap

A fun new game mode in a fierce arms race!

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Patches of Episode 2, Act 1:

Episode 2 – Act 2

Start: 3 March 2021 - End: 27 April 2021

This second Act of Episode 2 tackles negative behaviour. No new card, but the addition of a new Controller, namely Astra. After the Challengers, this period also saw the first Masters around the globe.

Launch Cinematic

New Agent : Astra

Astra, the New Agent of Valorant

Act 2 sees the arrival of Astra, a new Agent with her head in the stars. This controller is probably the most complex agent in Valorant.

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Battle Pass

All about Episode 2 of Valorant - valorant database battlepass episode2 act2 -

All the free and premium rewards from the Episode 2, Act 2 Battle Pass. Lots of frogs and memes on the agenda!

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Acend wins the EU 1 Masters

Acend wins the Valorant Masters EU 1

Against Team Heretics, winners of the Valorant First Strike, Acend put up an intense fight before taking the trophy.

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The patches for Episode 2, Act 2:

Episode 2 – Act 3

Start: 27 April 2021 - End: 22 June 2021

This third and final Act of Episode 2 brings its share of new features. And what a lot of news! Players can now compete on a seaside map, Breezeor in chaotic matches with the new Replication mode. This second period of the year was also an opportunity for the VCT teams to compete in an international LAN.

Launch Cinematic

Presentation of Breeze

Breeze, the new map of Valorant

Discover Breeze, a map that takes place in a heavenly setting. Particularly extensive, it often requires playing retakes.

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Battle Pass

Battlepass Episode 2 Act 3

All the free and premium Battle Pass rewards from Episode 2, Act 3. Memes and dabs on the agenda!

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The new Replication mode

Replication, details and release date

A brand new and fun game mode, in which the players of a team all play the same agent.

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Sentinels wins Reykjavik Masters 2

All about Valorant Episode 2 - valorant champions tour masters reykjavik sentinels wins -

After a long and eventful Phase 2 of the VCT, Sentinels finally won the Valorant Masters 2 in Reykjavik.

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The patches for Episode 2, Act 3: