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Esperanza and hyeoni join Damwon Gaming

The arrival of two new players, Esperanza and hyeoni, finalizes the new roster of the Damwon Gaming organisation. With the various recent changes, the organisation is getting stronger and is looking forward to making a name for itself at the next VCT.

New coach and new players

Like most organisations, DAMWON Gaming is making changes for the 2022 season. In order to give itself the best chance of winning, the organisation recently recruited Solo as Head Coach.

A few days later, Kim 'Secret' Ha-jin was released from his obligations. With this decision, the organisation lost one of the oldest players in the team, who has been there since its creation. The team will not be incomplete for long, as two new players have recently joined: Esperanza and hyeoni.

Esperanza, a real asset!

With the addition ofEsperanza to his formation, Damwon Gaming acquires a very good asset. A true all-rounder, he is active mainly on Sova and Breach and can, if necessary, take on the role of Sage or Killjoy. He is an experimented player, who started his Valorant career with theT1 Korea team. At that time, he even finished second in the APE Valorant Battle and in 5/8th position in the First Strike Korea.

Later, he joined F4Q, a team with which he qualified for Berlin Masters. While the qualification was a great achievement, the roster was knocked out in the group stage. Despite this, thanks to the good overall results during the season, the roster had secured a place in the LCQ APAC ; unfortunately, the VCT adventure ended at this stage. Following the last defeat, F4Q withdrew from the competitive scene. Free Agent, Esperanza announced that he wanted to come back and be even more successful in a team. So it will be with Damwon Gaming!

A rookie with talent!

hyeoni is a former player of DFR and NUTURN. With the latter team, he also participated in the LCQ APAC. During this stage, he faced his new teammates : a first time against the players of F4Q and a second time during the match against Damwon Gaming. While the first match ended in a victory, the second one ended NUTURN's hopes for Valorant Champions.

Recently, all NUTURN players, including hyeoni, have successively left the organisation. Even if his experience as a professional player on Valorant is more limited than those of his future teammates, hyeoni is a rising talent. So far, he has specialised on Jett. With two other Jett mains on the team, Eugene and t3xture, it is possible that he will switch to a role other than duelist. In his last few games, hyeoni has shown his skills as a controller with Skye, a role he could take on in the future.

The roster now includes 6 men: Jeong, Eugene, t3xture, iNTRO, Esperanza and hyeoni. At VCT 2022, these players will be able to benefit from the expertise of the behemoth Solo; we can't wait to see how the team performs!