Escalation, the new game mode of Valorant

The Arabic official website of Valorant has unveiled a brand new game mode : Escalation (Escalation, en Anglais). Un mode rapide et fun, qui rappellera les Gun Games de Counter-Strike ou Call of Duty.

[Mise à jour du 16 février : La page du site officielle a été fermée cette nuit. Il s’agissait probablement d’une erreur de timing dans la publication.

Le trailer disponible plus bas est sortie aujourd’hui, à 17h sur la chaîne officielle.]

Dans le mode Intensification, two teams of five players compete against each other in conditions similar to a Deatchmatch. However, there are no actual rounds and players cannot buy weapons or use their abilities.

The goal of the game is to valider les 12 niveaux d’intensification. A chaque niveau d’intensification correspond a specific weapon or ability. By killing opponents, you earn points that allow your team to progress in level and to change weapons. It takes 7 points for the team's level to increase.

Individual performance is as important as team performance. Indeed, players progress individually in each level. A player must take at least one elimination to advance to the next level weapon.

Eliminations made with the weapon corresponding to the team's current level score 1 point. But eliminations made with weapons of a lower level than the team's current level score only 0.5 points.

Concrètement, si votre équipe a amassé 22 points, elle est au niveau 4 de l’intensification. Mais si vous n’avez toujours éliminé personne, vous avez toujours l’arme de niveau 1, jusqu’à votre premier kill. Une fois le premier kill réalisé, vous passez alors au niveau 2.

Mode Escalade
Le niveau final du mode Intensification

The weapons corresponding to each level are chosen randomly among a short list. At level 1, you can either start with Raze's Rocket launcher, or with a Vandal or Phantom. At level 12, you'll have either a Shorty, Classic, Melee, Sova's Shock Bolt, or the Snowball Thrower seen this winter.

This new game mode should be available with Patch 2.03, which is expected on Wednesday.