Enzo and the other members of Apeks leave the team

As the 2024 season approaches, the structure Apeks has announced the departure of its entire Valorant roster. Enzoalso known as Fearoth in France, has yet to give any details of his future career.

The best Northern Challengers team: Polaris

Although Apeks had already been present on Counter Strike for a number of years, the Norwegian outfit only launched on Valorant last January after careful consideration. The objective was clear from the outset: the group wanted to qualify for the regional Ascension and obtain a slot for the EMEA League.

The Frenchman Enzo Mestari was tasked with putting together a roster capable of achieving this goal. And the least we can say is that with Magnum and Mistic Alongside him - two former players from FNATIC - the final team was formidable and experienced.

The Team Apeks roster

Together, they totally dominated the Northern Polaris ChallengersThey won the first split with just one defeat to their name, before going on to win the second, this time unbeaten. Their excellent performances opened the door the gates of Ascension EMEA. The first objective was achieved!

All that remained was to hit the nail on the head again to join the Valorant Champions Tour in 2024. Unfortunately, despite an exceptional run in the tournament, they ended up losing out to Gentle Mates. Their record is no less impressive, however, as over the season as a whole, the Apeks conceded just two gamesin twenty-six matches played.

Team Apeks score - Season 2023
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A new adventure begins

The organisation was quick to point out this achievement in its the recent official press release announcing the departure of all the players. As indicated by FrederikAccording to the General Manager of the Valorant section, everyone's goal is to join the franchise system. So it is with pride that Team Apeks says goodbye to the players todaywho wore our colours loud and clear throughout the season.

We've had an extraordinary season and I'm very proud of what we've achieved. But the time has also come to let our players pursue their own success in their careers. The aim of the players and the organisation remains to reach the VCT. Ideally together, but if that's not possible, then on their own. We can't wait to see where they end up, and I'm sure they'll succeed.

Frederik, General Manager of the Valorant section for Apeks

This may be the end of a chapter, but the story is not over yet. The directors have made it clear that the Valorant adventure is continuing and that they still want to reach the top level of the competition. With the 2024 season approaching, Apeks will have to find those who will replace Enzo and his cohorts... not an easy task.

As for the ex-Apeks, they have yet to reveal which structure they will play for in the future, or even whether they will continue their careers on Valorant. Nevertheless, in view of of Tweets posted in response to the announcement of their departure, the future already seems well prepared for some.

In any case, there is no doubt that the organisation or organisations that get their hands on all or part of the roster will make a fine acquisition. We can't wait to see where they'll be playing in 2024.