Enzo and Fnatic, the end of a beautiful adventure

The story between Fnatic and Enzo started last April, just before the Reykjavik Masters 2022. If this first contact was initially only, a loan from Alliance, the adventure quickly took a different turn. Shortly after this common experience, Fnatic has recruited the Frenchman for the second EMEA Challengers of the year. Alongside this team, Enzo had the chance to play at the highest level of the competition, and to participate in the Valorant Champions. Now, with the end of the season and announcements regarding the VCT 2023, the organisation decided to release him from his contract.

Fnatic releases Enzo

From HypHypHyp to Fnatic, through Ninjas in Pyjamas and Alliance, the French Enzo, formerly Fearoth, experienced a meteoric rise on Valorant. With his latest team, he won the Challengers 2 EMEAbefore participating in the Copenhagen Masters.

Fnatic also managed to qualify for the Valorant Champions, a tournament in which Enzo was the only French representative. He gave his all to win the title with his teammates, but the Koreans of DRX decided otherwise. After several weeks of competition, the team finished in 5th-6th position.

The 2022 season is therefore over for Fnatic. The structure is now looking to the future, and has chosen to part ways with the French player. This decision comes after the announcement of the different teams qualified for the 2023 VCT. Yesterday already, another player, Mistic, was released from his obligations.

Enzo took advantage of this announcement to thank Fnatic and his former comrades in arms, as well as all the fans who welcomed him:

I'm proud of what we've achieved this year, I've learned a lot and I'm grateful to have met these amazing people. Fnatic has been the most competitive time of my career so far and I am determined to go even further. Thank you for your incredible and endless support.


He is now looking for a new home for the rest of his career. His versatility, mixed with his know-how as a co-IGL will probably not go unnoticed. The next team that recruits him will have a very good asset!

With the emergence of franchise teams, a very big Mercato phase is expected in the coming weeks and months. Fnatic and other invited structures will probably look to strengthen their teams even more. We will be following and covering these transfers regularly. We'll keep you informed!