VCL points distribution - Challengers Leagues EMEA 2023

In the course of Challengers, the teams are gaining circuit points, or VCL points, awarded to the teams according to their performance. At the end of the season, they will determine which teams will remain in the Challengers in 2024 and which will have to prove themselves via a promotion-relegation tournament.

In addition, teams from each league that have reached the top of the ranking will be able to participate in the Challengers Ascension EMEA tournament. The latter offers a chance to qualify for the VCT 2024 and thus join the EMEA League.

The distribution of points is unique to each Challengers. Therefore, the first in the VCL France will receive 60 points, while the first in the VCL Northern Europe will receive 110 points. As the rankings are not related, this difference has no influence on the selection for the Challengers Ascension. At the moment, the rankings only take into account the results of the first split. They will be updated later, when the data is available.

In the majority of VCLs, at the end of the two Splits, the top team qualifies for the EMEA Ascension tournament. The two worst performing teams, on the other hand, participate in the promotion-relegation tournament. However, there are some specificities for certain zones.

VCL France ranking

The second split of the VCL France 2023 is now over. By winning the Grand FinalGentle Mates has secured her place in the Ascension tournament. For her part, Mandatory still has a chance of joining this tournament, as she will be taking part in the to the Play-Ins at the end of June.

1stGentle Mates - Qualified for Ascension170 points
2ndMandatory - Qualified for the Play-Ins115 points
3rdZerance75 points
4thWylde65 points
5thValiant55 points
6thJoblife45 points
7thAkroma0 points
7thSolary0 points
7thBLX United0 points
7th3DMax0 points

VCL Northern Europe ranking

1stApeks - Qualified for Ascension260 points
2ndFOKUS - Qualified for the Play-Ins195 points
3rdThe Little Jesters130 points
4thVAMONOS85 points
5theMasters60 points
6thCoalesce35 points

VCL Spain ranking

1stCase Esports - Qualified for Ascension420 points
2ndTeam Queso - Qualified for the Play-Ins315 points
3rd/4thUCAM Esports Club245 points
3rd/4thZETA105 points
5th/6thKPI Gaming99 points
5th/6thFalcons92 points
7thRamboot Club30 points
8thRebels Gaming18 points
9thMovistar Riders12 points
10thAYM Esports0 points

VCL DACH ranking

1stCGN Esports - Qualified for Ascension400 points
2ndMOUZ - Qualified for the Play-Ins 260 points
3rdUnicorns of Love215 points
4thAngry Titans205 points
5thOvation eSports180 points
6thALTERNATE aTTaX170 points
7thAEX-160 points
8thLaterious50 points

VCL Eastern Europe ranking

1stAcend - Qualified for Ascension265 points
2ndEnterprise Esports - Qualified for the Play-Ins210 points
3rdAnonymo Esports145 points
4thDiamond Esports120 points
5thCyber Wolves Esports70 points
6thGoNext Esports60 points
7thZero Tenacity60 points
8thB8 Esports33 points
9theSports NAME15 points
10thex-Rapid Ninjas0 points

VCL Italy ranking

1stDsyre - Qualified for Ascension215 points
2ndGMT Esports - Qualified for the Play-Ins205 points
3rdMACKO Esports125 points
4thQLASH90 points
5thHMBLE60 points
6thAxolotl52 points
7thWLGaming Esports34 points
8thOutplayed24 points

VCL Portugal ranking

1stSAW - Qualified for Ascension245 points
2ndGTZ Esports - Qualified for the Play-Ins175 points
3rd EGN Esports140 points
4thEx0Tik Gaming90 points
5thImpulse Gaming Warriors52 points
6thTeam Vikings45 points
7thFor The Win Esports34 points
8thPanthers Esports24 points

VCL MENA ranking

Due to their results after the end of the two splits, Team Falcons, Triple Esports Club, Team RA'AD and NASR Esports are competing in the final MENA tournament to determine who will advance to the Ascension and who will go through the Plays-In.

GCC and Iraq ranking

1stTeam Falcons - Qualified for Ascension380 points
2ndTriple Esports Club - Qualified for the Play-Ins300 points
3rdUnity Esports255 points
4thTwisted Minds230 points
5thThe Ultimates170 points
6thFraggerz95 points
7thNOBLES60 points
8thUnderground Gaming50 points

Ranking Levant and North Africa

1stTeam RA'AD - Qualified for Ascension400 points
2ndNASR Esports - Qualified for the Play-Ins300 points
2ndGeekay Esports300 points
4thGnG Esports170 points
5thOnyx Ravens165 points
6thFATE Esports105 points
7thGamax Esports50 points
7thTeam Occupy50 points

VCL Turkey ranking

There is no points-based ranking for the VCL Turkey: Birlik. Qualification for the Ascension or Play-Ins was achieved via the second split of the season. Winner of the Final, Digital Athletics joins Ascension, while S2G Esports has secured its place in the Play-Ins.